This just seems like a season to get your hair coloured. Doesn’t it? Chocolate toned hair colours are a rage right now, and we can’t get enough of the beautiful shade. From cherry brown to wood brown, there’s a perfect brown shade for every skin tone. If you are also thinking of going brown this summer, we have fabulous hair colour ideas to get you on board with this hair colour trend.  


Honey drizzle

Honey drizzle - Brown hair colour

A beautiful light brown mane with honey blonde highlights makes for a super gorgeous hair colour. This light hair colour is perfect for fair skin or pale skinned beauties with straight or wavy hair.


Chestnut brown

Chestnut brown- Brown hair colour

If you want to go too dark or too light on the brown hue, opt for this chestnut brown hair colour. Deep brown hair that has hints of lighter shade here and there is what chestnut mane looks like. It looks best on olive or wheatish skin types.



Auburn - Brown hair colour

Auburn is another stunning brown hair colour that has a little fiery and rustic tone to it. This low-key redhead look flatters fair to medium to dusky skin tones the best.


Wood brown

Wood brown - Brown hair colour

Glossy, dark brown hair shade that almost seems like a polished wood is the best bet someone looking for an understated yet elegant hair colour. What’s best is that it compliments every skin tone perfectly.


Chocolate cherry

Chocolate cherry- Brown hair colour

This hair colour will leave you wondering if you want to wear it or eat it. It is a dark chocolaty colour with hints of burgundy in it. Warmer skin tones like wheatish and dusky can pull off this fabulous colour very well.

Image courtesy: Pinterest