Hair masks are magical jars! Their emollient nature and ultra-nourishing formulas offer unique benefits. A good hair mask is the easiest way to change the appearance of hair without splurging. Hair masks can be your best friends if you have dry hair! The best hair masks for dry hair help in smoothening the hair and keep your locks healthy, without having to visit salons every other week. Today we’re talking about the benefits of hair masks and counting out the 5 best hair masks for dry and damaged hair.   


The Basics: Are hair masks the same as conditioners

A hair mask is a deep conditioning, topical treatment that provides deep nourishment and hydration to the hair. It is generally thicker and creamier compared to regular conditioners. Hair masks are designed a little differently than conditioners and are made to reach deep into the hair shaft to improve the overall health and appearance of the hair. 

Hair masks are similar to conditioners but at the same time, they’re extremely different. While they are both used to treat dry hair, the formulations of hair masks for dry hair are more potent. Think of these as a skin serum compared to a moisturiser – serums go deep within and have a more concentrated formula and moisturisers are lightweight but still help in bettering your skin.  

The frequency of the usage also differs due to the different intensities of the ingredients. Conditioners should be used on every hair wash day, whereas hair masks are used once or twice a week, depending on your hair texture and condition. The effects of both also differ – benefits of hair masks can be enjoyed for days but your hair might start feeling tough or frizzy from the next day after conditioning.  


Revive Your Dry Locks: Nourishing Hair Masks for Smooth and Silky Hair     

It is very important to have hair masks as a regular part of your hair care routine. The best hair mask for dry hair can keep your hair looking gorgeous even if it’s used only once a week. Here are the top 5 hair masks with our stamp of approval. You can always whip up some DIY hair masks right in your kitchen, but a store-bought one saves you the hassle and mess.  

Keep scrolling to see our top favourite masks below:  


1. TRESemmé Moisture Boost Hair Mask With Hyaluronic Acid

Revive Your Dry Locks: Nourishing Hair Masks for Smooth and Silky Hair

TRESemmé Moisture Boost Hair Mask With Hyaluronic Acid is a great pick if you want a mask that moisturises your hair and keeps your scalp hydrated and healthy. It contains hyaluronic acid — one of the strongest humectants — which helps retain moisture in the hair and delivers hydration throughout your hair. This also combats frizz by fighting off dryness and improves overall health.  

It keeps your hair soft and shiny for up to 3 days without weighing it down and making it flat. It’s an incredible choice for people with thin hair as most hair masks tend to make fine hair look scanty but this one does not do that.  

Apply this directly onto clean hair. Shampoo your hair and apply it on slightly damp hair. A little water in your hair will help this spread evenly and coat every strand.  


2. Dove Intense Damage Repair Hair Mask

Revive Your Dry Locks: Nourishing Hair Masks for Smooth and Silky Hair

Tired of dull and damaged hair? This is the solution! The Dove Intense Damage Repair Hair Mask is infused with keratin actives and 1/4th moisturising cream to repair damaged hair, deeply nourish the hair and revive lifeless hair. It immediately works in a two-way process which assesses the damage and repairs every strand, while preventing future damage. With regular usage, you can combat hair troubles and keep it shiny and soft! 


3. Dove Healthy Ritual For Strengthening Hair Mask

Revive Your Dry Locks: Nourishing Hair Masks for Smooth and Silky Hair

Another marvel from Dove is the Healthy Ritual For Strengthening Hair Mask is our absolute favourite for beating dryness and frizziness. It is formulated especially for damaged and brittle hair and effectively softens and repairs your hair. If you have dry and frizzy hair and want smooth and manageable hair, this one is for you. This hair mask makes hair softer and makes it extremely easy to detangle the hair. It’s infused with oat milk and honey which are responsible to soothe any irritation and nourish the hair.  

Due to its repairing and protecting formula, this hair mask is a fab pick for people with colour treated hair. We all know hair colour can damage hair to no extent and this gem will take care of all the problems in just a few minutes! Use this hair mask once a week to gradually improve your hair’s texture and keep it soft.  


4. TRESemmé Spa Rejuvenation Hair Mask

Revive Your Dry Locks: Nourishing Hair Masks for Smooth and Silky Hair

Want soft, silky and glorious hair? Our go-to TRESemmé Spa Rejuvenation Hair Mask will do all that and more for every kind of hair! As the name suggests, this product is literally a spa encapsulated in a jar. It’s enriched with marine minerals to deeply nourish and give your hair an instant boost of softness. The best part about this hair mask is that it needs only 3-5 minutes to revive your hair, as compared to regular hair masks that need 15-20 minutes.  

Apply this all-over clean hair and leave it on for 3-5 minutes before rinsing it off. This works as a thicker and more intense version of a regular conditioner. So, if you’re running late but don’t want to miss out on a good hair day, this one is your bff! 


5. TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Deep Mask 

Revive Your Dry Locks: Nourishing Hair Masks for Smooth and Silky Hair

Another winner in our books is the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Deep Mask. This non-sticky hair mask is enriched with the goodness of argan oil and keratin to make your hair lustrous while also making it stronger. The dual action formula works hard to make your hair 100% smoother from the first use itself! It contains deep smoothening qualities that keep your hair frizz-free for up to 72 hours. This is ideal for people living in humid areas. But our favourite feature of this product will always remain its divine scent. The fragrance will have you swooning and reaching for the tub over and over again! 

Just apply it all over your hair length for about 5 minutes and wash it off. For an ultra-nourishing, deep smoothing effect, you can keep this on for longer and rinse it off. Just be sure to not get too close to your scalp.


FAQs about Nourishing Hair Masks for Smooth and Silky Hair… 

Q1: How often should I wash dry hair? 

The frequency of washing dry hair can vary depending on your hair type, scalp condition, and personal preference. But for people with dry hair, washing hair every two to three days or less frequently can help retain natural oils and prevent further drying. However, try to find the balance that works best for your hair and scalp, as individual needs can vary. 


Q2: Can I use natural remedies to treat dry hair? 

Yes, you can always make DIY hair masks or apply coconut oil, olive oil, or argan oil to the hair as a pre-shampoo treatment or leave-in conditioner.  


Q3: How can I moisturise dry hair without making it greasy or flat? 

To achieve soft yet fresh-looking hair, focus on applying your hair products mainly to the mid-lengths and ends of your hair and avoid the roots. Don’t overuse heavy products or apply them too close to the scalp. Additionally, go for lightweight conditioners, masks or serums specifically formulated for dry hair.