The one thing that needs a definite upgrade with the changing seasons is… your hair colour! While summer is all about going wacky with your hair tone (think pink, purple, green), winter calls for warmer colours.

Just some time ago, we told you about the three “delicious” hair colour trends inspired by beverages. Well, it’s time to add another to your list. This one’s inspired by an ingredient found on your kitchen shelf. We’re talking about cinnamon! The warmest colour of the season that is currently creating a buzz in the beauty world is known as cinnamon spice. All we have to say is this hair colour is sure to spice things up! So, give it a shot?

cinnamon spice is the warmest hair colour of the season

Here’s everything you need to know about cinnamon spice hair.

Cinnamon spice is the best alternative to a red head. Red can be an extreme switch, and a rather uncomfortable one. Questions like ‘will the colour suit me?’ or ‘will I be able to pull it off?’ or ‘will I get too many stares on the streets?’ might keep you from going all out with a red hair colour. So, if you’re looking to stay on the safer side, cinnamon spice can do the trick. The sweet spot between brown and red is where cinnamon lives! You can either go with cinnamon spice all over or highlights on just the ends.

Cinnamon spice is the season’s trending balayage shade, which can brighten up your face instantly. This warm golden-brown tone will shine extra bright wherever light strikes. So, your hair is definitely going to stand out in the sunlight. Ready for some gram-worthy pictures, are you?

Image courtesy: Instagram