There are various methods of upgrading your hair game. The most common ones being haircut and hair colour. But do you know what takes it a notch up? Extensions! Yes, you read that right. While hair extensions are super popular amongst celebrities and in the reel world, they are still quite underrated in real life. There’s no doubt that hair extensions are complex, but they can give you the freedom to rock unexpected, edgy cuts and colours.

From hundreds of hair types to choose from to the installation method, hair extensions can leave you with one too many options. Whether you want to flaunt long hair, curls or a whacky colour, hair extensions can do the trick for you. And, if you thought that picking the right extensions to suit your face was hard enough, you’ll be even more surprised when you read out about the unique methods used to install them. There are clip-ins which are fastened with barrette-like attachment, then there are sew-ins which actually sews wefts of hair to your natural hair, and then there are tape-in extensions. Tape-in extensions have gained immense popularity of late, and most women are opting for this method to install hair extensions. Find out why!

everything to know about hair extensions

What are tape-in extensions?

As the name suggests, tape-in extensions are actually “taped” into your hair! The wefts have double-sided tape along the base. To apply tape-in extensions into your hair, you need to peel off a clear sheet from the weft and go in with the installation. They are lightweight and blend seamlessly on straight and wavy hair. Once tape-in extensions are on, you won’t even feel them. They look natural as they don’t have thicker bases that stick out. As compared to other methods such as sew-ins, glue-ins or beaded, tape-in extensions not only cause less damage to the hair but also bring the average time for getting extensions down from several hours to as little as 30-45 minutes. And that’s not all! Even removing tape-in extensions is a super simple process. All you need to do is use a slippery oil in your hair to ensure a seamless removal without ripping your natural hair out. Improper removal or tugging and peeling can result in hair loss and at times, even leave you with bald patches.

How to maintain tape-in extensions?

The best part about tape-in extensions is that they’re fairly easy to maintain. You can shampoo, condition and style your hair as usual, even with the extensions in. However, make sure you don’t use alcohol-infused hair care products as that can break down the glue, making the weft fall out. Also, invest in a soft bristle brush and comb your hair gently with it so as to avoid tugging on your extensions. And lastly, sleep on a silk pillowcase so as to avoid knots and tangles.