Sure, you get a facial every month to rejuvenate, de-gunk and brighten your complexion. So much for your facial skin, but what do you do for your scalp? Other than shampooing, conditioning and maybe oiling every few weeks, your scalp does not get the care it deserves. And that’s exactly why 'scalp facials' have originated in Japan to get a cleaner scalp and promote hair growth.

Still confused about what scalp facials are? Here’s everything you need to know...


Why is scalp care important?

Why is scalp care important?

Most hair treatments and hair care products are aimed at taking care of your strands, and very few of them actually work for the scalp. Why is scalp care important, you ask? Because if you want healthy, shiny and lustrous hair, then taking care of your scalp is the first step. Your scalp is like the soil on which your hair grows, so if you don’t care for the soil, how do you expect good growth?

What is a scalp facial

Scalp issues such as dandruff, oiliness and dryness further hamper the growth of your hair. Other causes of scalp problems include:

Dirt and product build up: Yes, you thoroughly rinse shampoo and conditioner off our hair but some residue sticks to the roots of your hair causing build up over time. If you use a lot of hair styling products such as hair wax, dry shampoo or styling spray, then these may also clog hair follicles and stunt hair growth.

Pollution: Dust, smoke and other environmental pollutants settle into the scalp and cause irritation.

Hard water: The minerals present in hard water react with the natural oils in your hair and make your scalp greasy. This prevents your hair care products from doing their job.


How does a scalp facial work?

How does a scalp facial work?

In simple words, just like regular facials, scalp facials are designed to thoroughly cleanse your scalp and get rid of the dirt settled in the deeper layers.

It starts with a trichologist taking a close look at your scalp and may even take a picture with a trichoscope to identify build-up, oiliness or other issues, followed by a steam bath to open up the hair follicles. Depending on the scalp type, an essential-oil infused or clay based shampoo will be used to thoroughly cleanse the scalp. Another exfoliator may be used to get rid of dead skin and promote blood flow. The next step is to restore moisture back into the hair with a hydrating treatment. The procedure ends with a blowout.