With the increase in popularity of 'e-girl' and bleached hair trends, the need for quick and easy-to-do hair colours has gone up. Demand for fun and quirky colours that do not need a lot of commitment to get done are at an all-time high. These colours are easy to style and adapt to any kind of hair type and texture, without causing damage like permanent or semi-permanent colours to do. Even though different brands have different names for these single-use colours, they all fall under the category of hair makeup. The name comes from the fact that actual makeup is used to highlight the features of your face temporarily, single-use colours can make your hair look good for a single occasion as well. Even though this prospect might sound like a dream, there are some things you need to know about hair makeup before you try it for yourself. Check it out…


What is hair makeup?

What is hair makeup?

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As mentioned above, hair makeup is a class of temporary colour that washes out after just one shampoo. Yep, they are formulated with pigments which do not penetrate your hair fiber and instead just sit on the surface. They are free of chemicals like ammonia and hydrogen peroxide as they do not need to be developed to release pigments. Most hair makeup products also use fruit or vegetable dyes to be as damage-free as they possibly can be; making them an excellent option for girls looking to maintain hair integrity, but still sport a fun colour. These pigments are highly versatile and customisable as they can be mixed to create personalised shades for your hair needs.


How to prep your hair for hair makeup?

How to prep your hair for hair makeup?

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The final result of your chosen colour of hair makeup depends on the base colour of your hair. If you have naturally dark hair, like black and dark brown, richer pigments like blue and red will suit them best. However, if you want to rock pretty pastels or rainbow hues, the base needs to be much lighter. You might have to lift the dark base colour with a Vol30 or Vol40 developer in order to have light enough tresses to rock the colour.

Once you have decided on the colour and lifted the base (optional), you have to decide the amount of dyeing you want to take up. You can either dye a couple of chunky sections of your hair, just the face-framing part in the front or go global with it, the choice is yours. It is best to use hair makeup on day 2 or day 3 in order to let your scalp’s natural oils protect your mane from any damage.


How to use hair makeup?

How to use hair makeup?

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Here is a step-step-step guide on using hair makeup products effectively:

Step 01: Get the outfit ready -

Even though temporary hair makeup pigments wash off easily from your hair, they will definitely stain your clothes permanently. Make sure you are dressed in easy tanks or have a towel wrapped around the collar of your shirt.

Step 02: Prepare your colour -

If you are using a single colour for your hair, all you need to do is get it out in a non-metallic bowl and keep it aside. If you are creating shades, mix all of the pigments and blend properly with an applicator brush in order to avoid the colour looking patchy.

Step 03: Prepare your hair -

Once your colour is ready, slip on disposable gloves and start sectioning your hair. Make sure you're applying colour to 2-3cm wide sections in order to have uniform application. Make sure your hair is completely dry and brushed out to remove any knots or tangles present in it.

Step 04: Apply your colour -

While you can use an applicator brush, it is much easier to just use your hands. Take the colour in your hands, make sure the gloves are on, and massage it through your sectioned strands from mid-lengths to ends. Once you have done this for all the chosen strands, go ahead and paint near the roots with the brush.

Step 05: Style -

Once the colour is on, you can let it air-dry or blow-dry according to your preference. Once the colour is dry, go ahead and style your hair as you like!


How to make hair makeup look good?

How to make hair makeup look good?

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The hair makeup formulations are vibrant enough to make your colour look blooming and beautiful. However, if your hair type is a bit dry or your colour hasn’t turned out as cute as you imagined, there are some ways to fix it:

  1. Prep your hair with a shine serum that will give your colour a glossy finish.
  2. Use a smoothing leave-in treatment to avoid your hair looking rough under the colour.
  3. Style with a shine spray if you feel the finish of the colour is too powdery.
  4. If you are wearing your hair up, some low-hold sheer hair wax can also add a luminous quality to the temporary pigment.

How to wash off hair makeup properly?

How to wash off hair makeup properly?

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Washing off hair makeup is as simple as the application process, all you need is the right cleanser for it. Start by shaking out your hair to let the dried out pigments fall off. Next, run your hair under cold water for a couple of minutes till it starts to run clear. Then, use a sulphate-free clarifying shampoo on just your scalp and rinse off. Repeat with the same shampoo, this time getting rid of any and all of the dye left in your hair. Follow up with a hydrating conditioner, rinse and let your hair air-dry. If your hair is feeling a bit dry from the colour, use a deep conditioning hair mask after your shampoo to help rejuvenate your tired tresses.


Hair makeup trends you can try

Hair makeup trends you can try

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Some of the trendy hair makeup looks that you can try this season are:

  1. E-girl - E-girl hair consists of coloured, isolated, face-framing tendrils in the front. This can be edited to have concealed strands of hair to be coloured and only exposed when the hairstyles calls for it.
  2. Chunky highlights - The 90’s inspired chunky highlights are back in vogue and what better way to do them than use quickie temporary dyes to create fun looks!
  3. Global - Global colour is a bit more difficult to do, as it requires all of your hair to be covered in the dye. However, when executed perfectly, it also makes for a very stylish and statement look.

FAQs about hair makeup

FAQs about hair makeup

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Q. Can you oil your hair with hair makeup on?

A. While it won’t damage your hair to oil it with hair makeup on, it is not advisable to do so as it will ruin the look of the colour. Also, massaging your hair with oil while hair makeup is on can smear the colour and make it leak out. Not to mention the oil won’t be reaching your hair fibre because of the colour barrier anyway.

Q. How long does it take for hair makeup to fade?

A. While you can wash off hair makeup with a single shampoo session, you can prolong the colour by not washing your hair in the first place. However, the pigment will start to fade pretty quickly, starting from day 1 due to factors like friction, UV exposure or even accidental exposure to plain water.

Q. How is hair makeup different from demi-permanent hair colours?

A. Both hair makeup and demi-permanent hair colours are chemical-free dyeing options that can be washed off quickly. However, one key difference is that while hair makeup just lightly coats your hair, demi-permanent dyes are able to penetrate the hair shaft which makes the colour last for 10-12 washes.

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