Planning A Hair Makeover? Here's Why You Should Consider Root Shadowing

Written by Sumona BoseSep 16, 2023
Planning a hair makeover? Here's why you should consider root shadowing

When it comes to the seasonal hair colour trends, we might just prefer winters over summers. Sunny days require highlights that make your mane look envious during the golden hours, but it is the chic, frosted winter colours that make us go weak in the knees. Plus, this might also be a good time to indulge in a hair makeover to get rid of all that quarantine hair and opt for a fresh colour. One particular trend that is being touted to be trendy this winter are shadow roots and here’s everything your need to know about it…


What are shadow roots and how are they done?

Why you should get shadow roots

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Shadow roots are created by leaving the hair near your roots dark and colouring the rest of the length in a lighter shade. It is named so because the technique creates an illusion of your roots casting a shadow on the rest of your hair.

The desired effect is achieved by stretching the dye naturally from under your roots to the tips of your hair. Shadow roots are also versatile because they can be done with any hair colour, from deep hues like dark brown to pastel tones like grey and pink. Your roots might even be untouched if your natural colour can blend and match the colour you are getting.


Why you should get shadow roots

Why you should get shadow roots

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Much like other hair colouring techniques, shadow roots also has its advantages:

01. Since your roots are either coloured minimally or not at all, they are easier to grow out.

02. Shadow roots can add volume to your hair. The darker colour on top can give the illusion of depth to your mane, making it look fuller.

03. Root touch-ups are much chilled-out with this colouring technique as they need to be re-dyed once every 3 months (on average). As such, shadow roots are a low maintenance option for lazy girls who can’t be bothered with the constant upkeep.

04. As mentioned earlier, shadow roots may or may not require taking the dye to your roots, and as such, is a safer hair colouring option. This is especially true if you have overly sensitive or dry scalp.

05. Shadow roots are also easily achievable at home with temporary hair dyes. You do not run the risk of over-treating your scalp with the dye with this technique either.

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