There are two types of people; those who love playing with wacky hair colours, and those who like keeping it subtle with soft, warm tones. If you fall into the second category of people, then this article may just give you some inspiration to switch up your hair game.

With new hair trends surfacing every other day, there’s no dearth of options especially when it comes to changing your hair colour. From gloss smudging and midlighting to balayage and ombre... That’s probably why I am introduced to a new one every time I go to colour my hair. Well, the latest hair colour trend to join the bandwagon is sombré hair.

What is sombré hair?

The name sombré is derived from soft ombré. It is a softer, cooler version of ombré. In fact, the ‘s’ in sombré stands for subtle. This hair colour is for all those who want to update their hair colour, but at the same time, keep it minimal. It’s the best way to transition your hair game from summer to winter.

Just like ombré, sombré too starts with a darker base and goes lighter towards the ends. However, when you opt for sombré, you will notice extra brightness around the face and towards the ends because this hair colour incorporates highlights around the hairline and bangs, giving you a more natural, lived-in look.

The transition from dark to light in sombré is so seamless, it looks like the colour has melted softly, without looking streaky. If you have ringlets or tight curls, then sombré can be your best bet as it will give your hair so much dimension.

So, are you ready to give this new hair colour a shot?!

Image courtesy: Instagram