Getting Your Hair Coloured For The First Time? Here's What You Need To Know

Written by Anjali AgarwalSep 16, 2023
Getting your hair coloured for the first time? Here's what you need to know

So, you’ve finally decided to take the plunge and get your hair coloured after months of eyeing hair colours and second thoughts? Good for you! Now comes the real task of proper planning and preparation, unless you want to end up with a hair colour that doesn’t suit you or getting stuck with a bad colour job.

Whether you are getting it done at a salon, asking your bestie to help you with it or taking the matter into your own hands and DIY-ing it at home, here are a few things every hair colour rookie should know.


Pre-treatment tips

Post-treatment tips

Choose the colour wisely

Not just the current colour trends, consider your skin tone while picking the colour. Also, decide on whether you want highlights, tips, ombré  or global hair colour. Highlights are easier to maintain and a safe choice to go for, on the first go, while reds are the trickiest colour to maintain. Brown shades suit Indian skin tones quite well and don’t fade easily.

Keep your hair greasy

Before you get your hair coloured, make sure it is greasy and not entirely clean. Surprised? It’s true! Natural oils in your scalp shield your tresses from chemicals in the dye and protect it from scalp irritation and burns. Plus dirty hair helps hold the colour better and thus makes it lasts longer. 

Treat your hair with an oil massage

Three days before you get the treatment, massage your hair with nourishing oils and wash with a clarifying shampoo to get rid of the build-up. Since you can’t wash your hair right after or before the treatment, moisturise with oil and cleanse your hair three days before, to keep it in good health.


Post-treatment tips

Post-treatment tips

Use the right products

Switch to shampoo and conditioners meant for colour-treated hair. Avoid washing your hair for a couple of days as the dye takes time to settle in. Also, remember the life of your hair colour depends greatly on the health of your mane so use the right products and follow proper hair care routines. 

Hair colour gone bad can be fixed

Since it’s the first time you are getting your hair colour done, chances are you might not get the exact same results as you thought. The colour doesn’t come out as well on brittle and unhealthy hair as it would on healthy hair. But don’t worry. If things go South, wait for a few days and a professional colourist can fix any slip-ups.

You’ll need touch-ups

Not only a good hair care routine but to keep your hair colour in the best condition and keep it from fading, you will have to get bi or tri-monthly treatments to touch up your hair colour. You can also get moisturising treatments to keep your hair nourished and the hair colour intact.

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