Hair masks are a much needed yet neglected part of haircare. If our skin needs a mask once a week then why shouldn’t our hair get the same love? There are times when masking your hair is an absolute necessity to salvage it. Sometimes, the appearance and feel of your hair are hints that it needs extra care. Here are five such times that you need to have a hair spa day at home with your favourite mask.


01. When the frizz hits

When the frizz hits

Frizzy hair is everyone’s worst nightmare. It genuinely ruins every look you try to create. But with all this pollution and dust, frizz every once in a while is inevitable. When you start noticing frizz in your hair, it’s time for a hair mask. Chances are, your hair is too dry and needs some extra lovin’ when it starts to look frizzy.


02. When the hair feels rough

When the hair feels rough

When the ends of your hair start to feel rough, it means your hair needs more than just a conditioner. This calls for hair mask time. Just shampoo your hair, skip conditioner and apply a hair mask on damp hair. If your roots feel fine but the ends are dry, apply the hair mask only to the lengths of your hair. You can also substitute your conditioner with a hair mask, leave it on for 2-3 minutes and your tips should feel smoother.


03. When the ends of your hair are frayed

When the ends of your hair are frayed

Frayed ends indicate damaged hair. You need a mask that can help you repair damaged hair. Our favourite mask for such days is the Dove Intense Damage Repair Hair Mask for Dry & Rough Hair.  It’s enriched with wheat protein and sunflower seel oil to mend damage and nourish your hair from deep within. The keratin protein actives in the mask not only add a divine shine to the hair but also work to strengthen every strand.

Apply it all over your hair, leave it on for 10-15 minutes and your ends will look much healthier. Use a mask once every week for better results.


04. Post a haircut

Post a haircut

Our hair already feels smoother and softer post a haircut, so imagine how heavenly it would feel with a hair mask. After a haircut, you get rid of all the split ends and unhealthy, damaged tips of your hair. So, applying a hair mask will make your hair feel and look even better than it already does. Next time you get a haircut, try this out and notice the difference.


05. As the seasons change

As the seasons change

A lot of people have this misconception that hair masks work better in winters as your hair tends to get drier. But that’s not true. Summers are damaging in their own way. You need to analyse your hair texture in different seasons and pick a hair mask that works in your specific month. We struggle with hair fall the most in monsoon. Look for hair masks that strengthen your hair for rainy days. For winters, your best bets are nourishing masks. And for summers, when the humidity increases frizz look for a smoothing hair mask infused with keratin.