A curly-haired girl is blessed with gorgeous tresses that are thick, voluminous and can be styled into any number of updos as they want. If you’ve got curly hair — we envy you!

Having said that, if you lack the right tools to tame your curly tresses, the blessing can quickly turn into an annoyance, causing you to give up on taking care of their curls altogether. Apart from having a good hair care routine that focuses on adding hydration and nourishment to counter porosity and maintain damage-free hair, here are the three hair care tools you need to make your life easier…


01. Hydrating hair spray

Hydrating hair spray

A water spray is essential to drench your curls with hydration to help with length retention and managing dry ends. You can either buy a hydrating hair spray or make your own. Fill some distilled water in a disposable bottle and add ingredients like conditioners, rosewater, honey, olive oil, aloe vera juice, green tea or a vitamin E capsule. Make sure to use it within a couple of weeks before it goes bad.

Spritz your tresses with the spray every time they feel dry. Do this throughout the day and before going to bed. Focus from mid-lengths to ends as these areas get damaged the most.


02. Detangler brush

Detangler brush

Detangler brushes are specifically made to get rid of knots and tangles in the gentlest way possible. They are made to suit different hair lengths and curl patterns, allowing you to detangle your hair quickly without putting too much pressure on the scalp. Detangler brushes can be used in the shower while conditioning as well. Just make sure you divide your hair into sections, start from the bottom, and work your way upwards.


03. Microfiber towel

Microfiber towel

While your trusty tee might have been doing a good job at soaking up excess water from your curls, it might be time to switch to a microfiber towel full time. Microfiber towel head turbans are affordable, do not make your curls frizzy, help with clumping of curls and also cut down on diffusing/drying time. Microfiber towels also help define your curls better; they do not separate your curls and help them dry in their natural texture.