Curly-haired girls often stress about maintaining their difficult mane. But the key to working with curls is to work smart and not hard. You don’t have to spend time in long masking sessions or turn to heat styling to make your curls look good.

There are some pretty cool and smart techniques developed by the curl community to help their sisters out. And even though you might already be familiar with plopping or raking your curls, some techniques are yet to gain more attention. We found four of them for you to include in your curly hair routine….


1) The smasters method

4 smart hairstyling methods for all kinds of curls

Unlike plopping or squishing, the smasters method talks about how much product you should be using. This is ideal for women who go through their products pretty quickly and want to avoid wastage. Start with wet hair and take half of the amount of styling product you will usually use. This method works best for softening products like TIGI Bed Head After Party Smoothing Cream. Apply and let your hair air dry or diffuse it till it is 50% dry. Now, depending on the kind of texture you are hoping for, take some more product in wet palms and apply it to your hair, let it dry or diffuse it fully. This method ensures that you are using the ideal amount required to get your desired look, not more and not less.


2) The volume clap

4 smart hairstyling methods for all kinds of curls

Craving for some crazy volume in your curly mane? Clap your hands between your curls! It may sound counterproductive because moving around freshly styled curly hair can cause frizziness. But if done strategically, it will give your mane added body. Once you are done styling and your hair is completely dry (this is crucial), flip your head upside down and clap your hands fast a couple of times in-between your curls and voila, volume!


3) Hit refresh

4 smart hairstyling methods for all kinds of curls

Every curly-haired girl has that spot on her head where the curls just never sit right! This is usually at the back of your head, where it is difficult to reach and can lose volume when you rest your head while sleeping. Hit refresh on those sad, dropped curls with this technique. Apply a dollop of the TIGI Bed Head On The Rebound Curl Recall Cream to the section, curl it in-between your fingers and secure with a bobby pin to your scalp. Use a diffuser on it for a couple of seconds, and your curls will be back to slay.


4) The 123Gel technique

4 smart hairstyling methods for all kinds of curls

Image source: @honestlizhere

Created by Elizabeth Alex, the 123Gel technique helps maintain nourished curls in high heat and humidity areas. Start by applying a hair cream or a leave-in conditioner all over your hair. Then layer three of your favourite hair gels, one after the other, to lock in all that moisture. Dry or diffuse as usual, and rock your curls care-free for days!

Main image courtesy: @thebrowngirl_____