5 Hair Care Secrets Women With Great Curls Swear By

Written by Tashika TyagiNov 30, 2023
 5 hair care secrets women with great curls swear by

When you have curly hair, the world is a different place for you! The norms of ‘normal’ hair care don’t apply to your tresses, because it has a mind of its own. So, what do curly-haired girls do? They make their own routine and do whatever suits their hair the best. But, if you’re having trouble managing your curls, we’ve got your back. Here are five hair care secrets that women with great curls swear by. So, read on and try them out for yourself!


01. Using a hair mask

Using a hair diffuser when blow-drying

Your curly hair is always in need of some extra hydration and moisturisation that your shampoo and conditioner can’t provide. Regularly treating your hair to a good hair mask like the Dove Healthy Ritual For Strengthening Hair Mask can help with that. Enriched with the goodness of oat milk and honey extracts, this hair mask deeply nourishes, hydrates and repairs your hair to make them stronger, smoother, frizz-free and manageable. All you have to do is apply the mask on freshly shampooed hair, from mid-length to tips (avoiding the scalp) and let it stay on for 3-5 minutes, before rinsing it off. Do it twice a week and you’ll notice smoother and more defined curls on your head.


02. Tying their hair in a silk bouffant before going to bed

Using a hair diffuser when blow-drying

When you have curly hair, waking up with a frizzy and untamable mess is normal. But you can always preserve your curls overnight with a little care. Tying your hair in a silk scarf or bouffant before hitting the bed will ensure that your curly mane doesn’t lose its volume and become frizzy. The silky material prevents the hair from rubbing against the pillowcase and causing friction.


03. Conditioning before shampooing

Using a hair diffuser when blow-drying

Move over the so-called correct order of using conditioner, curly hair calls for things to be done a little differently. Many women with curly hair swear by using a conditioner before shampoo. Doing this makes sure the hair retains its natural oils, without becoming too greasy, and curls remain fuller and voluminous for longer.


04. Using a leave-in conditioner

Using a hair diffuser when blow-drying

Curly hair tends to appear dry and in need of moisturisation all the time. This is mainly because the natural oils on your scalp take a lot longer to reach the hair shaft. That’s where leave-in conditioners help. Adding a nice leave-in conditioner like TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Hair Serum to your curly hair care routine helps make it manageable, shiny, vibrant and most importantly — frizz-free! All thanks to the camellia oil in this serum, it further helps make your hair smoother and easier to detangle - could you ask for more? We think not!


05. Using a hair diffuser when blow-drying

Using a hair diffuser when blow-drying

Maintaining curly hair is all about maintaining its texture, and our beloved hot styling tools tend to harm that texture by weighing the curls down. That’s why it is important to blow dry your hair with a diffuser. It doesn’t roughen up the hair cuticles, making your curls appear bouncy and voluminous.

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