When you see a girl with amazing, bouncy curls, don’t you wonder how she got her hair to look so perfect? Hair treatments, spa therapy, deep conditioning masks and expensive hair care products are a few things that pop up in your mind. But did you know the reason could be as simple as – she knows how to wash her curls correctly!

That’s right, if you take good care of your mane in the shower it will behave exactly how you expect it to. While there is no official rulebook that you can follow to take care of your hair, you can avoid a few mistakes and get the curls of your dreams.

5 shower mistakes that might be ruining curly hair

Over cleansing

Over-washing your hair is the biggest hair care sin. More so for curly hair that already lacks certain important oils. Cleansing your hair more than thrice a week strips the scalp of its natural oil and moisture leading to dry, frizzy and tangled tresses. Try to limit your hair wash to twice a week and less during colder months to maintain the health of your curls.

5 shower mistakes that might be ruining curly hair

Skipping conditioner

Conditioning your hair may not seem like an essential step especially when you are running late, which you are on most days. Simply cleansing your hair with shampoo does more harm to your curls than good. Using a conditioner post-wash can add the moisture and nourishment back into your hair.

5 shower mistakes that might be ruining curly hair

Not deep conditioning

Procrastinating over the weekend is usually the only plan most of have. However, skipping your weekly deep conditioning session will damage your hair further in the long run. You can buy a deep conditioning hair mask, apply generously on your curls, cover and allow it to sit for 30 minutes to let the product do its job. You can even apply steam to your curls to allow the product to penetrate deeper.

5 shower mistakes that might be ruining curly hair

Using the wrong detangling method

The worst thing you can do to your curls is to rip or tear to remove knots and tangles. The right way to do it is by working through tangles individually. Use your fingers or a wide-tooth comb to manage the curls while they are still wet.

5 shower mistakes that might be ruining curly hair

Rubbing your hair with a towel

Reaching out for the towel to remove excess water from the hair is something we have been doing all our lives. However, now is the time to stop doing it. Towels create tension on curly strands leading to breakage and frizz, what your hair needs is a gentler method. Consider hair plopping, this easy yet effective shift in your hair drying routine can cause a major change to how your curls look.