5 Near-Genius Tips To Make Thin Hair Appear Thicker

Written by Tashika TyagiJul 20, 2023
5 near-genius tips to make thin hair appear thicker

When your hair feels soft, bouncy and thick, you get that boost of confidence that makes you want to conquer the world. However, when your mane is thin and flat, the confidence too goes down a few notches! But not under our watch. For all your beautiful lovelies, we have mapped out five near-genius tips and tricks that can help make your thin hair appear thicker. Excited? Read on!


01. Change your shampoo and conditioner

Add highlights to your hair

Yes, your shampoo and conditioner can be causing your hair to lay flat and dull and the only way to right this wrong is by switching your hair products. We suggest trying out the TRESemmé Thick & Full Shampoo for your thin hair. Formulated with biotin and wheat protein, this shampoo gives volume to your hair, strengthens it, prevents breakage and makes it appear thicker and fuller - basically everything your thin, flat hair needs!

After rinsing your hair with this shampoo, follow it up with the TRESemmé Thick & Full Conditioner. The biotin and wheat protein in this conditioner helps make your mane stronger, thicker, softer and manageable. So, make sure you use it after every wash.


02. Stick to blow drying your hair

Add highlights to your hair

If you want to make your hair look thicker, then ditch your curling irons and straightener and stick to blow drying it. The former hot styling tools tend to flatten and smoothen your hair down, which is something we don’t want for your thin hair. So, make sure if you want to style up your hair, you go with the blow dryer. Also, try blow drying your hair while bent over with your hair upside down. This causes your roots to stand and your hair to look voluminous.


03. Try changing your parting

Add highlights to your hair

Keeping your hair in the same parting for a longer time can cause it to become wider. This can also add that flat and sparse look to your already thin hair. So, make sure you change your parting every few months. Try parting your hair by simply flipping them on one side - this will make it appear voluminous and thicker.


04. Backcomb your hair

Add highlights to your hair

Backcombing your hair is a genius way to make your tresses appear thicker. This technique requires you to tease your hair in a backward motion with a fine-tooth comb for that faux volume. Also, for this to work, you need to make sure you condition your hair around the tips well, so do remember that.


05. Add highlights to your hair

Add highlights to your hair

The easiest and the most fun way to make your hair look thicker is by adding colour to it. Instead of dramatic reds and blues, we say stick to highlighting your mane with subtle hues like toffee, brown and caramel. The highlights make your hair appear voluminous by blending and layering with your natural hair.

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