Do you picture yourself sporting soft Hollywood waves with your outfits? It’s not a far-fetched possibility. By adhering to a ritualised routine exclusively for volumizing the hair, you’ll be fashioning your looks with a natural bounce complementing your tresses in no time. Here are a few tips that will breathe life into your flat hair


01. Hot towel treatment

Hot towel treatment

Before you shampoo and condition your hair, you must treat yourself to a pre-shower hack. Add coconut oil, olive oil, and castor oil to a bowl. Dissolve a capsule of vitamin E in the nourishing blend. Divide your hair in smaller sections, and apply the concoction to your scalp, roots, and length. Massage it into your hair in circular motions, and leave it on for 2 hours. Drench a towel in a bucket of hot water, and wring the extra water out of it. Wrap the towel around your head like a turban, and let it sit on your head for fifteen minutes before stepping into the shower. Wash it off with a shampoo. This treatment is one of the most effective ways to nourish your scalp, and add volume to your hair.


02. Upside down blow-drying

Upside down blow-drying

Instead of blow-drying your hair normally, flip your hair upside down, and dry your locks like you usually would. This technique lifts your roots off of your scalp, and delivers an instance pump of volume to your tresses. Once 90% of your hair is dry, you can flip it back over, and run a brush through it.


03. Choose the right shampoo

Choose the right shampoo

A shampoo plays an important role in volumizing your hair - which is why selecting the correct one is important. Our go-to for fuller-looking hair is the TRESemmé Thick and Full Shampoo. Infused with biotin and wheat protein, the shampoo strengthens your hair, and reduces breakage. Follow it up with the TRESemmé Thick and Full Conditioner to reinforce the shampoo’s volume-boosting properties, and thicken your tresses.


04. Change your part

Change your part

Your hair falls naturally to a certain side of your face. And even though you love how it frames your face, this is where it lies the flattest. Try changing your part, and flipping your hair to the opposite side.


05. Sleep with a bun

Sleep with a bun

If you’ve stepped out of the shower with freshly-washed hair in the night, let it air-dry until it’s just damp, and pull it up into a loose bun. Your hair will dry lifted off the scalp. And by morning, you’ll have woken up to flawless Hollywood waves.