I have never valued my natural curls—there, I just made an honest confession! And, I’m sure there are more like me who reach for their beloved straightener, every time they step out. The biggest mistake I’ve made in my teen years is not embracing my curls. 

If you’re a girl with curls, then here’s a gentle reminder—CURLS RUN THE WORLD! And Alyne Tamir just proved it.

Girls with curls, rejoice! Facebook content creator, famously known as Dear Alyne, encourages her community of one million followers to start embracing their curls. How, you ask? Her visit to the ‘island of curls’ was an eye-opener for Alyne.

In a recent video on her Facebook channel, Alyne showed how her trip to the Maldives changed the way she looked at her curly hair, forever!

Just like you and me, Alyne too lugged her straightener around everywhere she went. That is until she visited an island where everyone celebrated their curls.

Wherever she went, she saw people flaunting their natural, voluminous curls with definition and style. And with that curiosity, she got the people of Maldives to reveal the secret behind their gorgeous curls—popularly known as the Maldivian Curl!

Can you believe it? Salty air and coconut cream was all that they needed to make their curls look oh-so stunning!