If you have curly hair, girl, we salute you! We know that caring for them is no easy task and styling them is probably the toughest thing you do on an everyday basis. Every shower presents the brutal choice of either spending a lot of time (and product) defining and styling each coil or taking a gamble and quite possibly ending up with a frizzy mess.

But when they behave, curls are a gift. And if you don’t already know, the right kind of haircut can help you flaunt your beautiful curls with ease. A flattering hair cut with allow your tendril to fall naturally on your face and define your features. The best part? It cuts down the styling time in half.

We’ve rounded up a bunch of hairstyles that look bomb.com on curly hair. Take a look…


01. Long layers

Long layers

This is a really pretty haircut and the best part is that it works for any curl type. The layers will soften your features and add movement to your hair. A regular trim every 3 months will help to keep the ends healthy and maintain her length.


02. Bob


A bob looks really lovely on curly hair. Simply adding bangs to a bob haircut adds a lot more dimension to an already shapely bob and helps soften your features.


03. Layered bob

Layered Bob

If you want a bit more length to your bob, a layered cut provides a beautiful shape that makes for more laissez-faire styling. This is the perfect haircut for girls who want to grow out their hair into a lob or something longer.


04. Short afro

Short afro

A slightly grown-out crop is an amazing way to look extremely chic and stylish on curly-haired girls. But you need to ensure that your strands are thoroughly hydrated at all times. Always condition your strands using a deep conditioning formula specially meant for curly hair if you want to rock haircut with panache.

Image courtesy: Pinterest and Instagram