Got unmanageable curls that were combed to look frizzy and brittle all through your childhood? Discovered the CGH method recently and feels like a whole new world opened up for you? Well, I was exactly there a couple of months ago when I finally accepted that I have curly hair and I am done trying to fix it and make it straight by relentlessly putting heat on it. I decided it’s time for some lovin’ and now I love my bouncy curls and I flaunt them around everywhere I go! So here are some tips and tricks I learned along the way that I am sure will help you get the lustrous curly hair of your dreams


01. Prep and hydrate your curls before wash

Prep and hydrate  your curls before wash

It’s best to detangle hair only before a wash to avoid as much dry combing as possible. Otherwise, let your curls live their best life and don’t interfere too much with their natural bounce and volume. Always put your hair up in either a loosely twisted bun or a pineapple to avoid too much tangling. If your hair feels particularly dry or hay-like that day or week, grab a deep conditioner and start your daily cleaning routine. Apply it to the strands by focusing on the edges and ends. Now let it sit for a couple of minutes while you prep yourself for a loooong shower that can feel like an inner battle TBH!


02. Apply shampoo only on the scalp

Apply shampoo only on the scalp

While shampoo might seem like an enemy you want to steer clear of for drying out your hair, it’s essential for the hair and scalp. If you skip shampoo, your tresses might feel itchy or have an odour that’s not pleasant! Reach for gentle, sulphate-free formulas and focus it mainly on the scalp to get rid of product buildup and excess oil like the Love, Beauty & Planet’s Argan Oil & Lavender Anti-Frizz Shampoo! This shampoo tames your frizz and gives you the oh-so-smooth hair of your dreams. It's made with plant-based cleansers and infused with organic coconut oil, argan oil and lavender, bringing together the ultimate power combo for your curls. Well, one might say this is the product that’ll help you live in peace and ‘hair’mony *wink*


03. Condition, condition, condition

Condition, condition, condition

TBH, we curly girls can’t live without hair conditioners. Idk about you but if I had to pick one hair product to have for life, conditioners would be it! Once you’re done shampooing, always touch the texture of your strands to make sure it doesn’t feel like straw or hay. If it does, then consider deep conditioning once more before moving forward. If your locks feel soft and clean, it’s time to pull out the holy conditioner. The key to the perfect conditioner is the amount of slip it gives the hair, which is key to detangling properly. Use a hydrating and mild conditioner like Love Beauty & Planet Argan Oil & Lavender Anti-Frizz Conditioner. This fast-rinse conditioner prevents tangles, giving you smooth and manageable tresses. It tames your hair and frizz, keeping you worry-free all while smelling delicious.


04. Detangle your curls very gently

Detangle your curls very gently

Try to avoid tools like brushes and combs to detangle hair to contain your texture and hair strength. Instead, use your fingers to detangle as much as possible while you still have the conditioner on your hair. There are many benefits to finger detangling, including better curl shape, less breakage and therefore more growth, and more care with split ends and knots.
But beware as finger detangling takes time and patience, if you rush or feel frustrated, you’re going to rip through your knots and tangles the same way a brush or comb might. It’s important to slow down and be gentle with your curls for the best results.
For best results, split the hair into two sections and work with one section at a time. Start pulling apart tangles at the ends and work the way up to the roots. Once the curls are smooth and tangle-free,  let the conditioner sit in for a couple of minutes before rinsing off. Now, be extra careful around the roots while rinsing so as to remove the product properly to avoid product buildup later on.


05. Don’t forget to indulge in post-shower care

Don’t forget to indulge in post-shower care

As you step out of the shower, your hair should feel smooth and soft. Make sure to use a microfiber towel or a cotton t-shirt to gently dry your hair and wrap it up for about 5 minutes while you do your skincare. After 5 minutes, remove and comb through gently with your fingers and then use the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Hair Serum to smoothen out your hair and tame any extra frizz. Then, go ahead with a curling cream or mousse like the TRESemmé Curl Care Flawless Curls Extra Hold Mousse to style your hair as you wish! Avoid heat styling or blow-drying as much as possible and let it air dry while you catch up on some Netflix!