Girls with long, straight hair will agree with us when we say this. While your glossy locks are the envy of others, only you know how mundane and boring it can get when it comes to styling your poker-straight mane. Well no more boring buns, braids and ponytails for your luscious locks. We have got a fresh crop of exquisite hairstyles that look oh-so gorgeous on straight hair and are super easy to pull off. Can’t wait to try some bold, dramatic hairstyles? Scroll down!


Half up crown braids

Half up crown braids - Straight hair hairstyle

Crown braids or halo braids give an illusion of a braided headband on the crown of your head and makes for a perfect romantic date night hairdo. Start Dutch braiding your hair from the top of your ear, taking it around the back of the head, adding strands as you go. Braid it down as usual when you reach the other ear and secure with a clear tie. Flatten the braid and you’re done!


Artsy side swept

Artsy side swept - Straight hair hairstyle

Start to twist and roll from either side starting just above the ear coming down to the nape of neck on the other side. Secure the twists with bobby pins as you continue rolling and twisting sections of hair. Tie hair in a ponytail and accessorise with a ribbon bow for extra glam.


Boho bun & braid

Boho bun & braid - Straight hair hairstyle

A fun and quirky hairstyle for college or a day outing, ace this look by dividing hair horizontally into two sections. Leave a small section from the side of the upper hair section and wrap rest of hair into a messy bun. Secure with pins. Braid the left out section and spray Toni&Guy Finishing Shine Spray.


Waterfall braids

Waterfall braids - Straight hair hairstyle

Waterfall braids and straight hair is a match made in beauty heaven.  To get this look, take two small sections and cross them with another section from above falling between the two. Braid by twisting and crossing over two sections, adding a little section of hair into it till you reach the other side. For a detailed tutorial, click here.


Wrapped Ponytail

Wrapped Ponytail - Straight hair hairstyle

For this easy-peasy yet elegant low ponytail, leave a section from both sides and tie the rest of your hair in a low ponytail. Now take one side section and wrap it around hair tie and secure with bobby pins.  Repeat with other section overlapping it over the previous wrap.

Image courtesy: Pinterest