Girls with curls will agree that maintaining those gorgeous, twisted locks is no child’s play. Just the thought of having a comb near your hair sends shivers down your spine (or is it just me?).

Caring for your curls requires a lot of patience and the right technique to make sure that they look on-point, without you ending up in tears every goddamn time. So, welcome to a crash course on how to blow-dry your curly hair and have effortlessly fabulous curls every time you style it. Here are three blow-drying tips that every girl with curly hair should know about.  


01. Use a dryer with a diffuser

01.	Use a dryer with a diffuser

To make sure you dry your hair evenly and get a defined curl pattern, get a hairdryer with a detachable diffuser. It allows your curls to dry evenly and fast, without messing up their natural pattern. It also makes your hair smoother and more manageable. So pop that diffuser into your dryer for an insanely easy blow-drying session and smooth AF hair.


02. Blow-dry on the cool setting

02.	Blow-dry on the cool setting

Stop setting your hairdryer on the highest setting to save a few minutes. Doing so only ends up damaging your tresses and makes your hair super dry and frizzy. Curly hair is prone to frizz and treating it with excess heat can leave it rough, dry and damaged.

Instead, set your blow-dryer at a low setting or cool setting to blow-dry your hair. Also, apply a heat protectant spray or mousse before going in with a hairdryer.           


03. Work in sections

03.	Work in sections

Drying your hair all at once can leave it frizzy. Divide your hair into four or five sections and dry your hair from root to end, section-wise for a few minutes. Move your blowdryer to distribute the heat evenly to your hair and blow-dry for smooth and soft curls.