3 Ways To Keep Your Curly Hair Tangle-Free All Day

Written by Anjali AgarwalSep 16, 2023
3 ways to keep your curly hair tangle-free all day

Knotty, tangled hair is a pain (quite literally) to deal with. If you are blessed with super thick and curly hair, you have to go through that pain every single day *ouch*.

Curly hair is prone to tangles and knot, thanks to the textured waves that intertwine when you are not looking. It’s not just time-consuming to detangle them, but these tangles can end up damaging your tresses. It leads to breakage and hampers the health of your hair. But it doesn’t mean you have to live with your puffy, tangled hair and spend an hour detangling it every morning. If you constantly deal with snags, tangles and rough hair, we have some brilliant tips that’ll save you the hassle of detangling them.

Here is how you can make sure your hair doesn’t tangle all day long:


01. Wash your hair in sections

03. Sleep with hair tied up

Your hair tangles the most after you wash it. Brushing your hair before a hair wash and washing it in sections helps keep it from getting tangled. Start washing your hair from the bottom, working your way up and don’t skip on the conditioner.


02. Keep a detangler handy

03. Sleep with hair tied up

Curly hair can quickly get tangled when you are out and about in the city. While travelling, keep your hair clamped with bobby pins and clips. And, when you are on-the-go, keep a small, handy detangler with you and brush your hair to keep the tangles at bay.


03. Sleep with hair tied up

03. Sleep with hair tied up

As you toss and turn in bed, your hair tends to get tangled. Avoid this by wrapping your hair in a bun or braid. Leaving your hair loose can cause it to tangle, but tying your hair up can help you avoid unnecessary tangles and also boost hair growth. Also, sleep on a silk pillow to protect your hair from friction and tangling.

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