Gone are the days when curly-haired girls desired straight hair. In fact, curls have become a bigger trend in the beauty circuit, thanks to celebrities and beauty ninjas embracing their natural hair texture. Over the last two years, actresses like Taapsee Pannu and Sanya Malhotra have shown us a zillion beautiful ways to style curly hair. And now, there’s no going back!

Girls with curls, rejoice! With the party season being right upon us, there’s no better time to experiment with spectacular hairstyles than now. So, STOP wearing your curls down all the time. Here are ways in which you can amp up your hair game for the party season.

5 ways to style curly hair party season

Bun it up

Who says you cannot rock a bun on blingy dresses and sheer gowns? If you have long hair, then here’s what you can do. Start by slicking your hair back as tight as you can. When you roll it into a bun, your natural ringlets will fall beautifully on top of your head. To keep flyaways at bay, spritz hairspray onto a clean toothbrush and brush them down gently.

5 ways to style curly hair party season

Bubble ponytail

From sky-high ponytail to fishtail ponytail, there’s no end to how you can style your ponytail. Thanks to celebrities, we keep getting introduced to newer versions every now and then. The latest version that’s been trending is a bubble ponytail. This effortless yet fancy hairstyle can make you stand out this party season.

5 ways to style curly hair party season


Hair accessories are all the fad this season. So just hop onto the bandwagon without batting an eyelid. And yes, you can pull off a bright coloured headband to a party too. A headband with a puff ponytail can make your hairstyle look oh-so vintage. You’re sure to make heads turn with this classic look!

5 ways to style curly hair party season

High ponytail

No matter what your hair type, ponytails are meant for everyone—straight, curly or wavy hair. In fact, ponytails on curly hair can look stunning as they have natural volume. Just slick your hair back as tight as possible and wrap the rest of your hair into a high ponytail. Place the base of your ponytail at the centre of your head to create the sky-high look.

5 ways to style curly hair party season

Cornrow detailing

One of the best ways to wear your curly hair down is to add small cornrow detailing on the side of your head. Doing so can instantly amp up your hair game. Start by creating a deep side parting and make tiny cornrow braids on the side with lesser hair. Voila! You have a cute hairdo ready in less than five minutes.

Image courtesy: Instagram