They say curly hair has a mind of its own and curly-haired women all across the world will agree. Caring for and styling curly hair is no easy task, from fighting frizz to taming unmanageable ends, and getting pretty much every hairstyling tool stuck in your hair, the battle is never-ending.

But there are several ways to tame your curls and bring their bounce back with some simple tips and changes in your hair care routine. Here are 5 hair care tips every woman with curly hair needs to know.

How to take care of naturally curly hair

Identify your hair type

The key to managing your hair is to first identify your hair type. This is easy; simply hold a strand of your hair between your fingers, if you can’t feel it or can barely feel it, it means your hair is fine. If you do feel the strand your hair is average or medium and if it feels like a strong textured strand then your hair type is thick. Identifying your hair type allows you to choose the right hair care products as well as identify which curl maintenance technique will or won’t work for you.

How to take care of naturally curly hair

Shampoo only your scalp

A major problem most women with curly hair face is frizzy ends and shaft. Massaging or rubbing these areas will only cause more dryness and frizz. Therefore, while shampooing, concentrate mainly on your scalp because that’s where all the dirt and oil is settled.

How to take care of naturally curly hair

Bring your old t-shirts to use

Ditch your towel for an old cotton t-shirt to dry your hair. Even the softest of towels can leave your hair frizzy and rough to touch. T-shirt fabric is softer and does not rough up the cuticle of the hair. Remember, never rub your hair; just wrap the t-shirt around and let it soak up the water.

How to take care of naturally curly hair

Brush hair from the bottom up

You may have broken a few bristles of your hair brush or even the teeth of several combs while trying to detangle your curly hair. But the detangling process does not have to be such a nightmare. When your hair is relatively damp, begin brushing the bottom to remove knots and then gradually move up. This way you won’t pull or break your strands.

How to take care of naturally curly hair

Style while it’s wet

Don’t wait till your hair is completely dry to style or part it the way you desire. Curly hair is easier to work with when it’s damp. Just be gentle while using your styling tools. This technique will also give you a long-lasting style.