Game-Changing Styling Tips To Make Every Curly Hair Girl’s Life Easier

Written by Anjali AgarwalSep 16, 2023
Game-changing styling tips to make every curly hair girl’s life easier

Curly hair may be the most coveted hair texture in the world, but ask girls with curls and they’ll beg to differ. Managing and styling curly hair is no child’s play. But with a few simple tips and tricks, you can make the process easier.

Whether you blow-dry, straighten or simply style your curly hair in a ‘do, these game-changing styling tips will help big time. Check ‘em out.


Blow-dry with a diffuser

Don’t brush your hair after wash

Blow-drying often messes up the natural pattern of your curls. To enhance your curls and completely dry it off in one go, add a diffuser to your blow-dryer. Blow-drying your hair with a diffuser separates curls into perfect spirals and also dries your hair faster as it evens out the heat. Apply some styling cream on your damp hair and blow-dry it to get your best curls ever.


Straighten from roots to mid-length

Don’t brush your hair after wash

Straightening curly hair is a lengthy process. Plus, the straightening won’t last long and you’ll be left with awkward wavy hair. What you can do is straighten only half your hair from roots to mid-length to flaunt sleek hair look on the front and gorgeous natural waves in the bottom. Style this hair in a ponytail or let it loose, looks equally stunning both ways.


Don’t brush your hair after wash

Don’t brush your hair after wash

This is one styling tip no one talks about often. Brushing your hair right after washing your hair can not only cause breakage, but can also make your hair frizzy, give you exaggerated volume and wreck your hair’s original texture. Instead, run your fingers through your damp hair to detangle and only brush it after it is almost dry. It helps reduce frizz and keeps your hair tamed and smooth - just how you like it.

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