Would You Dare Try The Supermodel Pixie This Summer?

Written by Sumona BoseSep 16, 2023
 Would you dare try the Supermodel Pixie this summer?

It all began back in winter 2019 when 18-year old supermodel Kaia Gerber debuted the shortest bob cut we’ve seen all season. It was so cropped that when she shared pictures of the snips in her stories, we could see the chopped off tresses in the back; taking the style to a pixie cut territory. It is precisely the kind of sneaky haircuts that keeps people guessing. And who doesn't like to be the object of extended stares from women who are trying to figure out your fresh new haircut!

It began as a blunt bob earlier in the year which was hiked up shorter and shorter; described as “boyish bob” that cuts right at the jawline. Given that this supermodel is blessed with striking features and can carry such a risque haircut; we wonder if it might suit our summer hairstyle needs as well. Let’s look at some of the popular long pixie cuts going around our Insta feeds...according to hair type!


The ‘Supermodel Pixie’ for straight hair

The ‘Supermodel Pixie’ for curly hair

It wasn’t long before Kaia’s extended pixie cut started gaining traction with women who wanted to try a dramatic new style. The pixie cut looks so chic on straight and fine hair; so you can go for it without pondering too much on it. If you are worried about it looking too masculine, add bangs to the mix and style in a side-swept manner to make it look softer.


The ‘Supermodel Pixie’ for wavy hair

The ‘Supermodel Pixie’ for curly hair

Women with wavy hair can give this trend a try too. The long pixie belongs to textured hair heaven and when styled with the right products, looks just the right mix of fun and straightforward. This can be the time you embrace the naturally tossed and tuned pattern of your wavy hair; made even better with waxes and pomades!


The ‘Supermodel Pixie’ for curly hair

The ‘Supermodel Pixie’ for curly hair

The problem with curly hair and short haircuts is that without all that weight pulling it down, the mane can look big and wild. While it stands true, we see no issues with going wild for a while, and that’s where the long pixie comes in. Get a parted cut and style with a spray to make it look gritty and sexy!

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