If you’ve seen the movie The Hunger Games, then you’d probably associate the French side braid hairstyle to the protagonist, Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence). Why? Because she rocked them throughout the movie. Not only is this hairstyle super chic and classy, but is also quite an edgy take on your usual braids, and that’s exactly why we love this hairstyle so much. Itching to give this edgy hairstyle a try? We’ve gotchu. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you nail this hairstyle in a jiffy.


How to make the French side braid

How to make the French side braid

Step 01: Start while your hair is still slightly damp. Create a rough side-parting using just your fingers. Now, take about two-inches of hair from the side that has more hair and further divide it into 3 equal sections

Step 02: Cross the right section over the middle section and then take the left section and cross it over the middle one to create a normal 3-strand braid

Step 03: As keep moving down, keep adding more sections of hair to make this braid thicker. This should give your hair the effect of a waterfall braid

Step 04: When you reach your neckline, take the section of hair from the other side and start adding them to the braid as well

Step 05: Stop braiding your hair when you are about two inches away from the ends and secure it using a hair elastic and voila! Your really simple yet, super stunning French side braid is ready.