Suggest us a better wedding hairstyle than a braided bun; we’ll wait.

Fuss-free, jaw-dropping and stays put throughout the whole event! Is it too much to expect from a wedding hairstyle? We don’t think so. After all, you gotta look your best in all the wedding pictures and your hairdo needs to be in place while you dance the night away. A braided bun is one hairstyle that checks all the boxes. It is easy (to make and on the eyes) and goes oh-so well on Indian outfits.

Whether you are going to be a bridesmaid or the woman of the hour yourself, go with a braided bun for at least one of the wedding functions and look absolutely gorgeous. Don’t believe us? We came up with proof.

Here are 3 stunning braided buns you can rock and make heads turn this wedding season. 

3 braided buns for the wedding season

Side French braid bun

The French braid has been killing it in the hairdo department of late. Team it with a bun and you’ve got yourself a stunning and trendy hairstyle for a wedding. Start by creating a side parting. Create a French braid with the smaller section till the back of your head, adding hair strands as you go. Brush the other section of your hair back and wrap both sections into a mid-raised bun. Finish with hairspray. 

3 braided buns for the wedding season

Flat braid bouffant bun

This flat braid bun with a poufy crown is no basic bun. It’s elegant and chic and surely the latest bun hairstyle to be added to our celebrity look book. Brush your hair and pin aside the front section (to be braided later). Take the hair from the crown and tease it. Pushing to the front and pin it to create a bouffant. Now loosely braid the section in the front towards one side all the way till the end. Tug and pull the braid to make it flat. Make a bun and wrap this braided section into it. Push it flat with your palm and secure with bobby pins.       

3 braided buns for the wedding season

Milkmaid braid bun

The milkmaid braid made a comeback this season and if you want to try out a retro hairstyle, this milkmaid braid bun is your best bet. Create a centre parting and braid a small section from both sides, three to four inches away from the hairline. Take the braids to the opposite direction from the back of your head and secure. Let wisps from front frame the face. Pull the rest of your hair in a low bun and secure with bobby pins and hairspray to keep it in place.  

Image courtesy: Instagram