It’s almost 2020 and beach waves are still the most coveted hairstyle. Plus, it is no more just a summer-apt hairstyle. The messy wave style has sneaked its way into celebrity lookbooks and we totally approve. Regardless of the hair texture you have, this perfectly imperfect hairstyle is always a chic look to sport.

But how do you get those perfect beach waves?

No, you don’t have to go on a beach holiday, nor do you need a curling iron. All you need is your...good ol’ flat iron to do the trick. Yes, you can create effortless beach waves with just your flat iron. Don’t believe us? Take a look at three easy and quick hacks to get beachy waves with a hair straightener.

3 easy effortless beach waves using flat iron

Braid it

The easiest and quickest way to get tight and messy beach waves is to braid-heat-repeat. Simply divide your hair into five to six sections and braid each section into tight braids. Secure the braids with a hair tie leaving about three inches of your hair unwoven. (The golden rule of getting perfect beach waves is keeping the ends straight.) Run your flat iron along the braids and open them once you are done. And tada! Gorgeous beach waves in no time!

3 easy effortless beach waves using flat iron

Wrap and curl

It is easier to get beach waves with a curler, right? But what do you do when you don’t have one or your BFF borrowed and never returned it? Turn your flat iron into a curler with this quick trick. Instead of wrapping the whole section of hair on the tool (like you’d do with your curler), wrap it just once and close the tongs. Now hold your straightener vertically and slowly slide it down the hair. It will give you a perfect, soft wave. Take different sized sections each time and run your fingers through your hair to separate the waves.

3 easy effortless beach waves using flat iron

Try the crimp way

Another easy and quick way to style your hair in textured waves is to crimp it using a flat iron. It gives you a defined wavy texture that makes you look like you just had a luxurious vacay on a beach. To get this look, take a section of your hair and place the flat iron tilted inwards. Slide it one inch down after three seconds and tilt the iron outwards this time. Slide it one inch down again and tilt inwards. Repeat this until you reach the end and do it for the rest of hair as well. Separate the strands with your fingers and finish with hairspray.

Image courtesy: Pinterest and Instagram