You may be heading on a road trip soon or probably have a beach vacay planned. Wind-swept hair and beach waves are oh-so-fun and picturesque, but take it from us, getting all the dirt, salt and chlorine off your hair isn’t going to be easy when you’ll have to pull off a glam look for your evening dinner.

Make sure your hair doesn’t have a bad time while you’re on a weekend getaway. Protect your locks from hair problems like tangles, frizziness and dullness with hairstyles that are protective yet pretty. Here are five vacay-ready hairstyles that will keep your hair protected and gorgeous all through the trip.

3 protective hairstyles for weekend getaway

Boxer braids

If you are a traveller big on adventure and have trekking, mountain climbing and river rafting on your itinerary, then this hairstyle is perfect for you. Double braids or boxer braids can get you through the roughest of holiday activities without harming your strands. It is easy to manage while travelling and looks bomb.        

3 protective hairstyles for weekend getaway

Bandana baby

Whether you’re strolling through town sightseeing or shopping all your savings away at cute street-side stalls, keep your hair far from the face by throwing on a boho hairband. It is also a great option when you are pressed for time. Simply create a centre parting and rock the silk hairband or tie a scarf to keep your tresses from messing up your look. 

3 protective hairstyles for weekend getaway

Half ponytail or hun

Pull your hair in a half ponytail or half-bun aka hun, if you are looking for a casual and chic hairstyle to sport on your trip. These hairstyles are super protective as they keep your hair knot and frizz-free and make it easier for you to cleanse off the yuckiness and pull your look together for the night out. You can add braids or give it a messy look by letting some wisps from the front loose.

Image courtesy: Instagram