I am constantly on the lookout for hairstyles to fix, hide and tame my greasy hair ‘cause who needs that kind of stress in their life, right? If you have an oily scalp too or just put off washing your hair an extra day, you’re gonna love this.

Here are 3 super simple hairstyles that will save you from a bad hair day.

  1. Sleek Hairdo

This is the perfect hairstyle for those nights out when you don't have time to wash your hair. 

Step 01: Brush your hair to get rid of knots.

Step 02: Take a short centre parting.

Step 03: Take one side of the parting, comb it and pin it at the back of the ears.

Step 04: Repeat the same on the other side. Use hairspray to tame baby hair.

Step 05: For the rest of the hair, take smaller sections and backcomb.

Step 06: Spritz hairspray on each section.

BB pro tip: Use blotting paper to get rid of excessive greasiness

  1. Half Up Top Knot

Now this is my go-to hairstyle for pretty much every occasion. It is unreal how simple it is.

Step 01: Start by separating the top half of the hair from the bottom half and secure it with a hair tie.

Step 02: Backcomb the tied up section for some volume.

Step 03: Start twisting and wrapping it into a knot.

Step 04: Secure the knot with some bobby pins.

Step 05: Loosen and adjust the bun to make it look just slightly messy.

  1. Twist Braid

Now I have bangs and it gets really difficult to manage them when they get greasy. So I do this twist braid to take away attention from my greasy scalp.

Step 01: Make a side parting.

Step 02: Then take a small section and twist it.

Step 03: Take another smaller section twist and merge it with the first section.

Step 04: Repeat the same till you reach the ear.

Step 05: Secure it with a bobby pin.

Step 06: Loosen the hairstyle so it looks more puffy.

I hope you like these hairstyles for greasy hair. Check out the video to see each step in detail and if you do end up re-creating any of these looks, then let me know in the comments below how it turned out for you.