All of us have those days where getting out of bed 15 minutes earlier to wash our hair seems like a herculean task. But stepping out of the house with greasy third-day hair is also a big no-no. So what’s a girl to do now?

Well, you fake it! And to do that, you’ll need a few quick and simple hairstyles up your sleeves to smartly conceal those greasy roots. To make this task slightly easier for you, we have rounded up four stunning hairstyles to help you hit snooze one more time.


01. Messy fishtail braid

01.	Messy fishtail braid

A messy hairstyle is the easiest way to disguise those greasy roots, thanks to all the mess and volume. If you have slightly long and thick hair, then a messy fishtail braid is the perfect hairdo for you. The face-framing strands will be an amazing way to draw attention away from the scalp.


02. Try a scarf

02.	Try a scarf

Thank god for hair accessories! Scarfs are an extremely chic and versatile way to style your hair. Add a scarf to a bun, braid or even open hair to cover those greasy locks and look extremely cute at the same time.


03. Topknot

03.	 Topknot

A messy AF top knot is another amazing way to style third-day hair. It adds a lot of character to dull and lacklustre strands while looking extremely chic and stylish. If a bun is too boring for your liking, then add a hair accessory of your choice to simply jazz up the overall look.


04. Side-parting

04.	Side-parting

Switching your middle hair parting to a side parting will smartly conceal greasy strands that tend to look extra flat with a mid-parting. Apply some dry shampoo to your roots, create a deep side parting and you’re good to go. It is literally as simple as that!

Image courtesy: Instagram