We won’t be surprised if you tell us that you’ve become a complete hermit during this lockdown and skimped even on brushing your hair for days. But even though we have nowhere to go, most of us still have to attend digital meetings where looking presentable is a must.

While you can get away with using minimal makeup, messy hair is a big no-no. So, here are four easy-to-create hairstyles that’ll make you look super chic in a jiffy.


01. Sky-high ponytails

Sky-high ponytails

Loose summer ponytails with face-framing tendrils have been replaced with tight, sky-high ponytails. Since we’ve been told to avoid touching our face too often, it’s best to steer clear of loose tendrils that make you do just that. Plus, a sky-high ponytail looks super sophisticated, if you ask us.


02. Wet hair bun

Wet hair bun

Wet hairstyles were quite the rage last season, and guess what? They’ve made their way to this season too. These hairstyles have made their way to 2020 as well. The wet hair look is another great way to keep those flyaways at bay. To create this look, apply a generous amount of TIGI Bed Head Manipulator Styling to the front of your hair and pull the rest of your hair back in a bun for a stylish look.


03. Symmetrical ear tuck

Symmetrical ear tuck

If you’re looking for a chiller option than a super high tight ponytail or wet-hair bun, the symmetrical ear tuck might just appeal to you. This hairstyle involves tucking both sides of your hair neatly behind your ear to ensure that your hair stays away from your face. You can secure your hair in place using bobby pins or even cute hair accessories such as clips or barrettes.


04. Sleek low bun

Sleek low bun

For a more relaxed, yet professional look, the sleek low bun is just perfect. After applying some hair gel, thoroughly brush out your hair and secure it in a bun at the nape of your neck. You can secure it with a pretty scarf for those summery vibes.

Image courtesy: Instagram