Everyone seems to think that girls with long and thick hair are the luckiest. While it might be true to some extent, considering envious and luscious mane is what most girls would kill for, maintaining them is no breeze.

Spending long hours washing, brushing and blow-drying your hair can be a real pain. Also, styling it is no fun either. It takes freakin’ forever to curl your hair and all you are left at the end is half curled mane, arms that hurt and tears.

If you are blessed with long hair, you’d know the plight. But worry not because we’re here to make your life easier. We’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves that will make curling your long, thick mane a breeze. Take a look.


01. Use a flat iron

01.	Use a flat iron

Wrapping long hair around a curling iron is a time-consuming task. Did you know you could speed up the process with the help of a flat iron? It does take a little practice, but trust us, you’d never go back to using a hair curler again once you get the hang of it. Simply wrap a section of your hair around the flat iron once and keep sliding it down slowly. Alternatively, you could simply twist your hair section-wise and press the flat iron through the length for 10 seconds. It will give you amazing spiral curls in minutes.


02. Braid and leave overnight

02.	Braid and leave overnight

You can literally sleep your way to gorgeous curls, without using any heat. No kidding. Here’s exactly how you can do it: divide your hair into 3-4 sections and braid each in the regular three-strand weave. Sleep on it and open the next morning to wake up to effortless (and heatless) tight curls.


03. Use a small iron

03.	Use a small iron

A smaller curling iron helps speed up the process. With a smaller curling iron, you can work with big sections of hair. Wrap a huge chunk of hair on a thin iron and curl your hair section by section. You will be done in five to seven minutes. Wanna bet?


04. Curl the ponytail hair

04.	Curl the ponytail hair

If you want soft curls at the end and a sleeker look from the front, you can try the easy ponytail hack to curl your long and thick hair. Instead of sectioning your entire mane and curling one section at a time, cut down the effort and time by pulling it into a ponytail and curling the hair. Easy-peasy, right?