5 Celebrity-Inspired Updos For Thin Hair That Are Anything But Boring

Written by Sanya HamdaniSep 16, 2023
5 celebrity-inspired updos for thin hair that are anything but boring

Women with thin hair often complain about not being able to experiment with different hairstyles because it lacks volume. We at Be Beautiful think bigger is not always better, you just need to use a few tricks and opt for hairstyles that will give the impression of voluminous hair. If you are not born with it, fake it!

Just like us, not every celebrity has perfectly thick and long tresses but they know how to make the most of what they have. Today, we are going to put all your complaints to rest with these celebrity-inspired chic updos for thin hair.


Bumped up ponytail

Messiest ponytail

Alia Bhatt’s thin hair looks ravishing and quirky like ever before, you have to agree with us on this! If there’s one thing this look teaches us, it is – the messier the better. Tie your hair into a sleek low ponytail and spritz some texturizing spray, next using a rat tail comb and backcomb the pony to add volume.


Backcombed top knot

Messiest ponytail

After closely studying the looks thin-haired celebrities sport, here’s a tip we learned – backcomb like your life depends on it! Kareena Kapoor Khan’s sleek top knot which is back bombed at the crown is chic, stylish and so easy to create! Pick a section of hair at the crown area and backcomb it to add volume, then secure it with some bobby pins. Use the rest of your hair to create a top knot and secure it with a hair tie to create this look.


Ponytail with a bow

Messiest ponytail

When your hair lacks volume, use accessories to make it look voluminous. Take cues from Anushka Sharma. Make a centre-parted low ponytail and secure it with a big bow for volume!


Messy fishtail

Messiest ponytail

Believe it or not, but fishtail braids look stunning on those with thin and sleek hair. If you want to make it voluminous though, make a loose braid and secure it with a fun accessory. Pull out some strands to make it look more voluminous and messier.


Messiest ponytail

Messiest ponytail

We are calling Radhika’s barely there ponytail the messiest ponytail because, it’s messy, effortless and looks full of volume. If you have fine hair and love messy hairdos, we don’t even need to tell you how to recreate this one!

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