Summer is officially here, and if your hair is long overdue for a makeover, we have a treat for you! This season requires you to switch up your look and opt for trendier haircuts — ones that don’t cover up those sculpted shoulders from glistening in the sun. And no, you don’t necessarily have to go short for that.

This year’s summer haircuts trends are a fun combination of short and long cuts, with one thing in common — they get rid of the weight and add some much-needed texture to your mane. Check out our top five favourite haircuts for summer 2021 below.


01. Pixie with bangs

Pixie with bangs

Image courtesy: @salsalhair

A cute pixie cut is always trendy for summers — it is the easiest way to go super and add texture to your mane. But if you’re hesitant about going super short, give this long pixie a try instead. Throw in some choppy bangs and watch the compliments flow in!


02. Shoulder length

Shoulder length

Image courtesy: @lucyhale

Haircuts that lightly graze your shoulder won’t be a bother on hot summer days. To make it chicer, go for the one-length finish and style them in soft waves with a middle part for an everyday, wearable look.


03. Long, breezy shag

Long, breezy shag

Image courtesy: @timduenashair

The long and breezy shag, known as the ‘California shag’, is the perfect haircut for a beach vacay. Much cleaner on top than a traditional shag, this one has a lot of texture in the ends to give you that sea-soaked-and-dried hair look.


04. Asymmetrical curly bob

Asymmetrical curly bob

Image courtesy: @sophia_roe

We are absolutely loving curly bobs in 2021. With so many variants to pick from, this asymmetrical one caught our eye instantly. A tricky look to pull, this risky haircut is perfect for someone who is not afraid to experiment.


05. Side-swept waves

Side-swept waves

Image courtesy: @marissa.marino

You can expect most of your fave fashion girls to be rocking this haircut this year. It is effortless yet stylish and can be worked without any styling. Yep, you can just allow your hair to air-dry with some serum on, and the layers will still look lovely!