We are a week away from Christmas but already getting major holiday feels. We’re sure you have your secret santa gifts ready, pulled out your favourite red sweater and RSVP’d yes to Christmas eve parties. But have you figured out what to do with your hair? No? What are you waiting for… Christmas? *lol*

To save you from the last minute freak-outs and boring hair looks, we have got some cute Christmas hairstyles for you just in time that will put you in a holiday mood right away. Take a look at five cute-as-hell Christmas hairstyles that you can sport this holiday season (and show off on your IG).


1. Christmas hairstyles: Ponytail with Christmas clips

Ponytail with Christmas clips

This is not your ordinary ponytail. Na-uh! This one is custom-made for Christmas. A double topsy ponytail with what seems like a bow made of hair strands is what Christmas dreams are made of. Also, Santa and Rudolf making a guest appearance in this hairdo make it all the more cuter.


2. Bubble bun

Bubble bun

Not all Christmas hairstyles have to be adorable AF; some could be glamourous and chic too, and here’s proof. This bubble bun is exactly what you call a Christmas glam look. To add the Christmas-y touch to it, go on and adorn it with a frosty hair clip or snowflake barrette.


3. Glitzy hairband

Glitzy hairband

If you are a headband kind of person, this shouldn’t be hard for you. This is the best time to channel the Blair Waldorf in you and throw on a glitzy or pearl hairband for Christmas. Style your hair in curls or poker straight and let your headband take all the attention. Isn’t this the easiest Christmas hairstyle, ever?


4. Half ponytail with a bow

Half ponytail with a bow

Remember how you rocked a ponytail set in a cute bow tie every Christmas when you were a kid? Well, luckily for you, bow hair accessories have made a comeback and you can wear them as an adult this Christmas. Tie the upper half of your hair in a ponytail, adorn it with a red or green satin bow to add the holiday feels to it.


5. Twisted braid hairdo

Twisted braid hairdo

The reason we can’t get enough of braided hairstyles is because they are super pretty and give major festive vibes. Take this dreamy hairstyle for instance. A twisted braid in the middle of your head culminating into a ponytail is freakin’ cute. Like, who wouldn’t want to rock it for a cosy Christmas night?

Image courtesy: Instagram