Short, cute and oh-so-chic—lob haircut is a hair trend that has taken the beauty world by storm. That’s probably why you chopped off your locks for a trendy lob, isn’t it?

But now that your wedding is nearing, you must be fretting about what hairstyle you are going to pull off with your 12-inch mane for the wedding ceremonies. We are sure you even thought about growing out your lob, getting extensions or worse, postponing the wedding date.

Stop fretting ‘cause we have some really cool and trendy hairstyles that you can pull off with your lob and look exceptionally gorgeous. And, yes, they will totally go with your Indian outfits too. Take a look at five trendy lob hairstyles perfect for brides.     


01. Low bun

01.	Low bun

We’re crushing over the low bun this wedding season. The best part? This look can be easily re-created on short hair. Simply apply a dollop of hair gel and pull your hair in a sleek, low bun at the nape of your neck. You can also make a ponytail and roll and tuck the hair to get the look. Secure with pins and hairspray.


02. Pinned up

02.	Pinned up

Here’s an easy and effortless lob hairstyle for brides who don’t want to spend too much time styling their hair. This pinned-up hairdo will take two minutes to create and will look glamorous AF. After creating a deep side parting, take a strand from the smaller section and twist it. Pin it at the back of your head and stack an embellished barrette or pin to add a bling factor to it.


03. Beach waves

03.	Beach waves

Having a beach wedding? Try this look. Not having a beach wedding? Then sport this chic look for your mehndi or haldi ceremony. Team your Indian outfit with textured beachy waves to add some modern glam to your otherwise traditional look. Wear it with a side or centre parting; just keep it sexy and stunning.


04. Braided ‘do

04.	Braided ‘do

A braided ‘do, is without a doubt, the official wedding hairstyle. Here’s a braid hairstyle you can effortlessly work with your lob. Add a tiny braid detail on one side to instantly glam up your mane. Braid a small section of your hair from the front and pin it behind your ear. Style the ends of your hair in soft curls to finish.


05. Double buns

05.	Double buns

Double buns are a good way to add an element of fun to your look. Simply create a side parting and brush your hair back. Divide the hair in two sections at the back, twist and wrap each in bun and secure with bobby pins to get cute double buns.  

Image courtesy: Instagram