5 quick ways to style your bangs for an effortless look

Written by Sanya HamdaniDec 23, 2019

After months of contemplating, you finally chopped your hair and opted for bangs. You couldn’t stop looking at yourself in the front camera on day one, but now it’s turned into a love-hate relationship. Bangs are a huge commitment and by no means low-maintenance. We know you would want to wear your hair differently but feel like you’re stuck with this hairstyle till your hair grows back.

We know bangs look super cute but there are days when you regret your decision. So, here are 5 ways to effortlessly style your bangs ft. Selena Gomez.

Centre parted half up half down

Grab the top half of your hair loosely and secure it at the back of your head using bobby pins, let it look messy. Part your bangs at the centre to take them off your face. This super cute, easy and chic hairstyle can be worn to work or a casual day out.

Wet hair look

For the glamorous, super trendy and experimentalists, this wet hair look will definitely turn heads. Start by washing your hair then apply lots of hair styling gel to your roots and brush your hair back using a brush or comb. Finish off by spritzing some finishing shine spray.


Do you miss parting your hair at the side? We know you do and definitely tried doing it after getting bangs. But with the help of a hair straightener, you can achieve a smooth, perfectly styled, side-parted hairstyle. Part your hair on the desired side, straighten your hair in that direction to get this sleek look.

Messy top knot

This super easy, time-saving hairstyle is our favourite and the best part? You don’t even need a mirror for it because the messier the better! Simply let your bangs loose at the front, grab the rest of your hair and create a messy top knot.

Curl ‘em good

Love curls? Don’t wait for your hair to grow back because curly bangs look trendy AF! Divide your hair into sections and curl each section depending on how tight or loose you want the curls to look. Curl your bangs at the end and spritz some spray to keep it in place.