Love Ponytails And Braids? Here Are 5 Stylish Ways To Wear Them… Together!

Written by Sanya HamdaniSep 16, 2023
Love ponytails and braids? Here are 5 stylish ways to wear them… together!

There are two hairstyles that every woman swears by – the classic braid and the ponytail. If it weren’t for these easy, quick and stunning hairstyles, life would have been so much more difficult. Working out at the gym, running errands or simply chilling at home, ponytails and braids are our go-to hairstyles every day.

Recently, we came across a bunch of celebrities wearing a combination of these two perfect hairstyles and they are stylish to say the least. If you too want to try this out, here are all the ways you can sport it.


Twisted braid ponytail

Crown braid ponytail

Rock that sky high ponytail with a twist, like literally! Take inspiration from Sunny Leone’s twisted braid ponytail. It’s messy, it’s stylish and it’s easy to achieve. Tie a high ponytail, then take uneven sections of hair to create a braid that goes all the way down to the ends, secure with a hair tie.


Classic braid ponytail

Crown braid ponytail

If you have long hair and can’t seem to keep it under control, simply combine your go-to hairstyles to create a fresh new one. We can’t get enough of this stunning hairdo that Selena is carrying with so much panache. Did you notice the undercut though?


Rope braid ponytail

Crown braid ponytail

One of the few things on our New Year resolutions list this year was to learn how to achieve stunning hairstyles such as this rope braid ponytail right here. We agree it’s no easy task, but it’s not impossible either. All you need is sleek hair, lots of styling gel and the confidence to rock it the way Sonakshi Sinha does!


String tied ponytail

Crown braid ponytail

We have already spoken a lot about this hairstyle but it would be unfair to not include it in this list. Ananya Pandey has been creating waves with her style ever since she stepped foot in Bollywood. We’ve spotted her wearing the most quirky and experimental hairstyles and this string tied ponytail is just one of them.


Crown braid ponytail

Crown braid ponytail

The crown braid ponytail is perfect for those with short or thin hair. It does not demand volume yet looks stylish and chic. Simply create a small braid on the crown area to section your hair into two. Grab all your hair into a ponytail and try not to aim for perfection.

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