5 Ponytail Styles Bollywood Beauties Are Into Rn

Written by Anjali AgarwalSep 16, 2023
5 ponytail styles Bollywood beauties are into RN

Gone are the days when ponytail was a just a gym hairstyle or a school-girl hairdo. Turns out, the simplest hairstyle of all, a ponytail is a jack of all trades in the hair world. This stunning hairstyle has sneakily made way to the glamourous hairdos’ club too and has become the celebrity favourite look to slay at the red carpet.

We can’t keep the count of how many celebrities we have spotted rocking the different versions of style in the recent time. If you can’t get enough of this utilitarian hairstyle too, here are five trendy ponytail styles that our B-town divas are in love with ATM. 


1. Ponytail with wavy wisps

5. Sleek, side-swept ponytail

This mid-raised ponytail with face framing wisps looks chic and oh-so glam with some shine-boosting spray and a dazzling party outfit. Turn your go-to ponytail into a flirty hairdo in a jiffy by styling strands from the front in soft waves and spritzing a generous amount of hairspray.


2. Messy braided ponytail

5. Sleek, side-swept ponytail

When in doubt, braid it. This ultra-glamourous hairdo is perfect for girls who have super long locks and love to braid ‘em. Pull your hair back in a high ponytail and braid the tail in a messy and tousled braid. Keep it sleek from the front and messy AF at the back to get the best of both worlds.


3. Sky-high ponytail

5. Sleek, side-swept ponytail

A sky-high ponytail is the hairstyle equivalent of red lips. It was always around as a trend but it’s only now that the world is going gaga over it. The classic hairstyle has reached new heights of glory (quite literally) and certainly made a place in our celebrities’ glam look book. After all, it’s edgy, stylish and far from boring.


4. Bubble ponytail

5. Sleek, side-swept ponytail

Not all ponytails have to be prim and posh. Some are fun and flirtatious, case in point: bubble ponytail. This segmented ponytail is easy to work (all you need is some hair ties) yet enough to make a strong beauty statement. Get a playful ponytail by adding a hair tie every 2-3 inches down the previous one and secure at the end with a bow tie or coloured thread.


5. Sleek, side-swept ponytail

5. Sleek, side-swept ponytail

A dramatic side parting, super sleek look and low ponytail—everything in this hairstyle screams glamour. No wonder this ponytail style is a hit among the Bollywood bombshells. The key to getting this hairdo right is to apply a hair gel and create a deep side parting. Throw your hair in a ponytail placed at the nape of your neck and you are ready to hit the red carpet, just like a celebrity.

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