Good hair days make me feel like I can rule the world—who else feels the same?

Any girl who loves styling her gorgeous tresses will know the effort it takes every morning to get her hairstyle right. But, do you know what’s the bigger task? To think of new ways to style your hair. Let’s admit it! Wearing your hair in the same way every single day can make you look boring. To spruce up your hair game, it’s best to add some variety. And, to help you wear different hairstyles from Monday to Sunday, here’s a round-up you’re going to love.

7 days 7 hairstyles

Monday, not mundane

Add some spice to your dull and boring Monday with a quirky hairstyle. Recreating Sonam Kapoor Ahuja’s looped ponytail is sure going to give you life on the first day of the week. Be prepared for all the compliments that are to come your way, thus, making your Monday super special!

7 days 7 hairstyles

Tantalizing Tuesday

Yes, we all know that Tuesday is the bigger culprit. So, make it interesting, girl! Take some time out to get your intricate hairstyle on point. A braided half up half down can be a great option. Trust us, you’re not going to feel the Tuesday blues!

7 days 7 hairstyles

Wacky Wednesday

Bring out your fun, crazy and wacky side in the middle of the week. Space buns can make you look cute and at the same time, add an element of fun to your hair game. And, to top it, if you have some really funky colour going all over your tresses, it’s going to look even better. So, go ahead and experiment!

7 days 7 hairstyles

Trendy Thursday

Happiness is… knowing that you’re just one day away from the weekend. It’s time to bring out some chic hair accessories to style your hair. Headbands are all the rage right now! So, pick a bright headband and style your hair around it. Either go for a pineapple bun like Taapsee Pannu or a side-parted low ponytail like Kareena Kapoor Khan.

7 days 7 hairstyles

Fancy on Friday

It’s Fri-yay finally! What better day to look all fancy than a Friday? It’s time to show off your talent and create a super cool and perky hairstyle. After all, you’re going to have Friday night plans, right?! Up your glamour quotient by ditching the regular buns and ponytails for an updated version like this!

7 days 7 hairstyles

Sultry hot, because Saturday

Saturdays are chill days! You’re either on a shopping spree or brunching with your girlfriends or on a movie date. So, we suggest that you dress your hair in a half-bun. This uber versatile hairstyle can complement your dresses and denim alike. And, make a sassy style statement too!

7 days 7 hairstyles

Surviving Sundays (and dreading Monday)

If we had to define Sunday in one word, it’d be LAZY DAY! It’s already noon till the time you wake up, and even before you know it… the day is over! The best way to wear your hair on a lazy Sunday is in a messy top-knot. Because, let’s be honest, there’s no motivation to put any more effort into anything. Are we right or are we right?

Image courtesy: Instagram