Let’s be honest—we all want to dress up as the most stylish versions of ourselves everyday! Then again, we also want to snooze for those extra five minutes everyday. We also want to be able to eat those cupcakes and still have a bod like Beyoncé’s, but that’s another conversation for another day.


Point is, while we can’t always get what we want, we sure can ace chic hairstyles with these time-saving hairstyle hacks custom-made for lazy girls.


Hack #1 Turtleneck hair

Turtleneck Hair

If you’ve been snoozing away all morning and now have literally 2 minutes to do your hair, this hair hack will be your savior. Invest in turtlenecks for all weathers—sweatshirts, sweaters, turtleneck t-shirts, blazers et al. All you need to do now is take your hair and tuck it under your turtleneck. To keep your hair from untucking and escaping, tie a loose ponytail so that it stays put under the neck. Once you’ve tucked your locks under the neck, run your fingers through the hair on top for a messy look. And voila!


Hack #2 Wrap it in a scarf

Wrap it in a Scarf

If you have managed to wake up late on an important day and absolutely need to dress your tresses, here is how you can do it in under 5 minutes. Just wrap the scarf around your crown, knot it up on one side and intertwine your hair and scarf while braiding a messy side braid.


Hack #3 Tie it up in a messy side braid

Tie it up in a messy side braid

Messy hair is in and so are the braids, so team the two together for a casual chic hairdo. Create a side parting and braid your hair starting from the temples and go downwards. A side braid tilted towards one side is both stylish and casual at the same time.


Hack # Go half way up

Short Hairstyle

If have short hair then you don’t even have to bother working on your locks. Just focus on the crown and add some drama at the top—the rest will take care of itself. Take the hair above your ears, separate it, straighten it and pull it back into a half ponytail. Allow the rest of the hair to flow naturally. Tuck the half ponytail at the back of your crown with the help of a few pins and you are good to go.


Hack # Gather it into a messy bun

Gather it into a messy bun