Amp Up Your Hairstyles With These Cool Girl Approved Accessories

Written by Urvi ShahJul 27, 2022
Amp up your hairstyles with these cool girl approved accessories

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I'm not one to style my hair. I mean, I try to, but I end up with a tangle-ridden mound sitting atop my head. But I've found a way around this dilemma of mine, and I think you might find that I'm, in fact, a genius. The simplest way to elevate your hairstyle? Hair accessories. Yes, I’m talking clips, scrunchies, ribbons, headbands and all the cutesy stuff you can imagine. Read on as I round up my all-time favourite hair accessories you can use to amp up your hairstyle.


01. Scrunchies


This is such a cool-girl accessory—a must-have in the 80s. Once dismissed as passé, scrunchies have regained their popularity, and are headlining hairstyle trends again. We're seeing a lot of cool girls style their tresses into low ponytails with colourful, larger than life scrunchies. Remember Lara Jean from To All The Boys I've Loved Before fashioning her poker-straight hair with ruffled scrunchies throughout the film? And how taken Peter was by them? Just swap your regular hair-tie with a scrunchie, and you're slaying a Gen Z-approved trend within seconds.


02.Butterfly clips


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These brightly-coloured clips were one of the most sought-after accessories back in the early 2000s—what with the likes of Paris Hilton and Mariah Carey bedecking their hair with them. And, thanks to Gigi Hadid, they've made a comeback. You can style your hair with these clips in a variety of ways—the easiest is to secure the front of your hair into one-inch wide sections, twist each piece back, and secure them with these clips. You can even clip your side-swept hair with one of these.


03. Bobby pins


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These pins aren't just meant to secure the messiest of buns. The jewelled, coloured, and rhinestone-embellished ones can oomph up your entire look instantly. You can add one on each side of your middle part, or cross two sections of hair toward the back, and secure them with a couple of these hairstyle-holders. How about a top-knot with the hair at the back of your head styled with colourful pins? These pins aren't just practical. They're versatile and chic!


04. Headbands


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Want to channel your inner Blair Waldorf? Or Maddie from Euphoria? If you're familiar with these characters, you know that headbands are their go-to accessory. You can push your hair back with a thin, plastic headband like Bella Hadid. Maybe pair a cotton headband with a sleek sky-high ponytail? Makes for a statement-making look. There are so many variations of the headband that you'll never tire of them.

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