Leave it to Gen-Z to weave their tendrils into statement-making 'dos. From adorning their ponytails with larger than life scrunchies to bedecking their hair with multiple hair-ties to create a bubble-like effect, there's no twist-and-turn they haven't experimented with. Not only are these trends are supremely easy to recreate, but they're also complementing a lot of red-carpet outfits. If you’re looking to switch up your hair game, here are five Gen Z-approved hairstyles you need to try RN.


01. Scrunchies


Image Courtesy: @htwfashion


This is such a cool-girl accessory. Once dismissed as passé, scrunchies have regained their popularity, and are headlining the hairstyle trends again. We're seeing a lot of cool girls style their tresses into low ponytails with a colourful, larger than life scrunchies. Remember Lara Jean from To All The Boys I've Loved Before fashioning her poker-straight hair with ruffled scrunchies throughout the film? And how taken Peter was by them? Just swap your regular hair-tie with a scrunchie, and you're slaying a Gen Z-approved trend within seconds.


02. Bubble braids

Bubble braids

Image Courtesy: @gigihadid


This braid isn't limited to Gen Z anymore. If Priyanka Chopra wears it, there's no questioning the trend. From lending your Ariana Grande-like sky-high ponytail a chic look to braiding the face-framing, chin-grazing pieces of your hair, this trend is adaptive in the way it flatters different styles. Just run a few drops of the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Hair Serum through your hair to soften them, tame flyaways, and repel frizz before attempting the hairstyle.


03. Bobby pins

Bobby pins

Image Courtesy: @jenniferbehrstudio


These pins aren't just meant to secure elaborate hairstyles. The jeweled, rhinestone-embellished ones can oomph up your entire look instantly. You can add one on each side or cross two sections of hair toward the back, and secure them with a couple of these beauties. How about a top-knot with the hair at the back of your head styled with colourful pins? These pins aren't just practical. They're versatile and chic!


04. Space buns

Space buns

Image Courtesy: @laurapolko

Gen Z continues to spin into relevance new iterations of the double-bun. These buns are a celeb-favourite because of how simple they are to create. All you have to do is twist two pigtails into stacked buns, and plant them atop your head. You can play around with the look according to your liking — leave face-framing pieces at the front, loosen the buns, or do a half-updo too. It depends on you!


05. Middle part

Middle part

Image Courtesy: @oliviarodrigo

Remember how Gen Z was slamming millenials on TikTok for fashioning their hair with a side-part? Yeah, they were making a case for the middle part all along. And rightfully so. The middle part does reign supreme. The middle part is omnipresent, from Billie Eilish's infamous green-dyed roots to Olivia Rodrigo's micro-braids. There's just so much you can do with this style.

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Image Courtesy: @laurapolko