Celebrity-inspired blunt haircuts for every hair length

Written by Anjali AgarwalJan 13, 2020

Layers are so 2019. Blunt cut is the new way to go, according to the trend police! 

Every year there is a new crop of trendy haircuts that take the beauty world by storm. While some of them are yesteryear trends that have resurfaced and made a comeback, some are totally brand-new. One such never-before-seen haircut that is a huge trend this season is the ground-breaking blunt cut.

It is surprising how this haircut looks equally good with any hair length and suits any hair texture - be it wavy, curly or poker straight. Don’t believe us? We come with proof, or rather inspiration.

Take a look at celebrity-approved blunt cut inspirations for every hair length.

Short and cute

We have been spotting celebrities opting for the bob life for quite some time now. If you are planning to go short in the upcoming year, you might as well consider the blunt cut bob. Adding blunt ends to your bob will give it a classy and edgy touch. Go for a blunt chin-grazing bob or play it safe with a blunt lob. We can’t get over the fact at how chic it looks, how low-maintenance it is and how well it goes with any outfit, be it Indian, formal or casual.

Medium length

While long hair requires upkeep and short hair seems like a bold choice, medium-length hair is always safe choice and something you can never go wrong with. Plus you get the best of both worlds. However, it can sometimes look boring and blah. Well, blunt cut can save you some drama. Spice up your medium length mane with sharp cut and voila! You have got yourself a dramatic, stylish and celebrity-esque hair.

Long locks

For beauties with long hair, we know how difficult it is to switch up your look without compromising on your length. The mere thought of haircut can be scary for you. After all, it takes time, patience and care to grow your hair that long. We get it. However, this haircut changes up your look and lets you keep your length as well. It takes off about two to three inches off your mane for the even ends and leaves you with sharp and sophisticated and, obviously, long mane. Win-win!

Image courtesy: Instagram