If there is one thing that most women will agree on when it comes to braided hairstyles, then it has to be that ‘they're so pretty to wear, but so hard to create.’ Mastering braided hairstyles requires a lot of practice, trial and error as well as patience. All too often we're left either with a tangled mess or end up settling for a sad ponytail.  But don’t worry as we are here to help.

Below, we have created a list of some super simple yet stylish braided hairstyles that look pretty on all hair lengths and textures. These braided hairstyles are a fun and eye-catching twist to your regular three-strand braid. Additionally, the following hairstyles will help tame unruly locks and the step-by-step by guide will make styling your hair super simple. Read on to find out what these hairstyles are.


Messy half French Braids

Messy half French Braids

On the days when you’re running out of time and need to get ready in under 5 minutes, this braided hairstyle will come in handy. One of the best braided hairstyles for short hair, this one is easy to create yet looks extremely chic. It is super versatile and would look good when paired with a variety of outfits. From dates and brunches to more formal events, this hairstyle will make you effortlessly stylish, no matter the occasion.

Step 01: Start by creating a centre-parting. Spray some Toni&Guy Casual : Sea Salt Texturising Spray to give your hair some extra texture.

Step 02: Take a small section from the front-left side of your hair and divide into three equal sections.

Step 03: Cross the side strands over the middle section and try creating a French braid.

Step 04: Keep adding strands into your braids as you keep going down until the back of your ears. Secure this in place with a hair tie and some bobby pins.

Step 05: Repeat the steps 2 and 3 on the right side of your head too.

Step 06: Remove the individual hair ties of each braid and slightly back comb your hair.

Step 07: An amazing way to personalise this braided hairstyle would be to dress it up using hair accessories of your choice.


Double Dutch braid

Double Dutch braid

If you are looking for a braided hairstyle for short hair that’s edgy yet feminine, then you should give this double Dutch braided hairstyle a try. This hairstyle is super appropriate to be worn anywhere and anytime; from running errands to office parties. This braided hairstyle has the perfect amount of wow factor attached to it.

Step 01: To begin with, centre part your hair all the way down and create two equal sections. In order to keep things simpler and keep your hair out of the way, tie any one section using a hair tie.

Step 02: Now thoroughly brush out the open section of your hair to ensure that it is free of knots. Next, pick up a small section of your hair from the front and divide it into three roughly equal sections.

Step 03: To make the Dutch braid, start by crossing the right section under the middle one followed by the left one under the middle. Start adding more bits of hair to this as you move downwards.

Step 04: Continue doing this until you reach the length you desire and secure it with a hair tie. But remember to leave a small portion of hair towards the end.

Step 05: Repeat this process on the other side too.


Waterfall braid

Waterfall braid

Waterfall braid definitely tops the list of most gorgeous braided hairstyles ever. Since most of your hair is left loose, it gives you the perfect opportunity to display your shiny locks. This braided hairstyle has a super romantic princess-y feel to it and looks extremely feminine. This braided hairstyle makes for a really pretty sangeet or haldi hair do and will definitely go well with your wedding outfits.

Step 01: To begin with, part your hair at the side. Now take a small section of hair from the side and divide into three sections.

Step 02: You need to start by making a simple French braid. To do so, simply cross the back section over the middle one and then cross the front section over the middle one. Continue adding a new section of hair to join the existing braid.

Step 03: Next, instead of crossing the back strand over the middle, just let it drop down. In its place, continue adding a new section of hair directly and cross it over the middle. Continue doing this until the braid reaches the back of the opposite side of your head.

Step 05: Secure the braid using a bobby pin. Leave some strands loose over the pin to help conceal it.

Step 06: Finish your hairstyle by applying a hair spray and you are all set!


The headband braid

The headband braid

The headband braid is an amazing braided hairstyle that looks extremely casual chic and stylish on all hair lengths and types. This is a really beautiful hairstyle that can be worn at both formal and casual events with equal panache. Additionally, this is a super fun and easy way to keep your hair out of your face. For some added drama, style your hair in beachy waves to give it extra definition and movement.

Step 01: Start by separating your hair all the way down in a centre part.

Step 02: Take a handful of hair from the left side of your head and divide into three sections.

Step 03: Start making a dutch braid (read instructions above) and keep adding small sections of hair as you go.

Step 04: Continue braiding around your hairline and secure it at the top of your head.

Step 05: Repeat the steps 2, 3 and 4 on the right side as well and wrap it around your head on the opposite side. Ensure that the two Dutch braids meet.

Step 06: Wrap the end around the first braid and pin it in place.


The under braid

The under braid

An under braid is also commonly called the backward braid or a reverse French braid. Although it is an unusual braided hairstyle, it looks extremely stylish. This braid is the perfect example of effortlessly chic. If you are bored of the usual braided hairstyles and want to try something new and edgy, then the under braid hairstyle is something you need to try. It’s surprisingly simple to create this style if you follow these five easy steps:

Step 01: Since this is an under braid, it will start from the bottom of your head instead of from the top. Start by flipping your hair upside-down.

Step 02: Start braiding your hair in any way you want. Secure it with a hair tie. You can try the three-strand braid, fishtail braid or even Dutch braids. The kind of braid you make totally depends on how intricate you want your hairstyle to look.

Step 03: Next, flip your head up again and pull your hair into a high ponytail. Don’t worry about your hair looking messy. This braided hairstyle looks really pretty when messy.

Step 04: Twist the ponytail into a bun and secure with bobby pins.

Image courtesy: Pinterest