Up Your Glam Quotient With These Cool Hairstyles For Women

Written by Urvi DalalSep 16, 2023
Up your glam quotient with these cool hairstyles for women

A pretty hairstyle is that final finishing touch that helps complete your outfit and make you look more put together. Besides, no one likes to wear the same hairstyle every day. But due to lack of time and inspiration, most women just end up leaving their hair open or tie it into a ponytail almost every single day. So then what is that one thing that allows you to break out of this hair monotony, you ask. Some really fun and cool hairstyles is the answer. A chic hairstyle is the easiest way to up your style quotient and make heads turn everywhere you go. From braids and buns to ponytails and hair accessories, there is a lot to choose from when it comes to picking the perfect hairstyle.

Whether you are looking for some way to look different in an old outfit or add that perfect finishing touch to your new bridesmaid’s attire, hairstyles come in handy. They are not just super fun to create, but also help instantly transform your look into something more glamorous. To help you break out of the vicious boring hair cycle, we have in store some really cool hairstyles that work with all hair types and lengths. Bold, edgy, elegant or feminine, whatever your preference, these hairstyles will definitely bookmark these hairstyles for future use!


Twisted half up half down

Half up high ponytail

All of us have those mornings when we are running super late and have no more than 5 minutes to make our hair look presentable. This is where this cool hairstyle comes into play. It is not just time saving, but also looks quite effortlessly stylish. The best part is that the carefree, messy vibe of this hairstyle looks good on any hair length. You can even add a cute accessory to give it that extra edge! 

Step 01: Start by brushing your hair gently to undo any tangles.

Step 02: Next, spray a little bit of a texturizing spray such as Toni&Guy Casual : Sea Salt Texturising Spray evenly all over hair. This will give you some extra texture and slight hold.

Step 03: From your hairline, separate out two sections of hair from either side of the face and hold them in place using a hair tie.

Step 04: Taking two more sections of hair above the ear on either side – loop these pieces once around the hair you just tied off.

Step 4: Finish the hair style with a little finishing spray to ensure that your hair stays in place. 


Braided headband

Half up high ponytail

Looking for a cool hairstyle to go with all your flirty summer dresses? Yes girl, we heard you! This hairstyle for girls is really easy to recreate and looks pretty, elegant and classy. Perfect for all your day looks, this hairstyle could work particularly well for women with bangs, as it would help keep hair away from the face. 

Step 01: Using your favourite detangling comb, remove any tangles from your hair.

Step 02: Part your hair at the side using a tail comb.

Step 03: Take a section right near the part from the heavy side and divide it into three strands and create a usual three strand braid (you can make any braid of your choice, though).

Step 04: Continue with step 03 until you reach the top of the ear.

Step 05: Secure the braid in place with bobby pins.

Step 06: To keep your hairstyle in place and avoid flyaways, use a finishing spray such as the Toni&Guy Finishing Shine Spray. Its non-greasy formula will help you achieve smooth, shiny and glamorous hair that will stay put all day!


Braided bun with a scarf

Half up high ponytail

Hair accessories are an amazing way to give your regular hairdos a fun twist. That’s exactly what this cool hairstyle is all about! By adding a scarf, you can give your regular bun a fun update. Scarves are a huge trend this season and are an easy way to make a statement without looking OTT. You can go for a scarf with quirky prints for a casual day out or choose one in a solid colour for more formal events. The options are endless!

Step 01: Thoroughly brush out your hair using a detangling comb to ensure that there are no tangles.

Step 02:  Next, tie all of your hair in a ponytail and secure it with an elastic tie. Place the elastic at the same place where you want your bun to sit.

Step 03: Take a ribbon or a scarf and just pull it through your elastic until both sides are even.

Step 04: Divide your ponytail into two sections and use the ribbon as the third section and start creating a normal three strand braid. Secure with thin hair elastic.

Step 05: Once the braid is ready, gently pull out the sides of your braid. This will help give your bun a fuller and more intricate appearance.

Step 06: Tightly wrap the braid around your ponytail to make a bun. To make your ribbon peek out at the bottom (trust us, this looks super cute) simply pull it out from the bottom of your bun.

Step 07: Secure the bun in place with the help of bobby pins. Place the bobby pins underneath your bun so that they are properly concealed.    


Half up high ponytail

Half up high ponytail

Ponytail is seriously having a moment right now! From street style to red carpet, there is a version of ponytail that is perfect for each occasion. This cool hairstyle is perfect to be worn anywhere; be it a party or a dinner date with bae. From jeans to sequined dresses, this is one hairstyle that will help you make a statement for sure! This hairstyle is really simple and takes less than 5 minutes to create. And the best part is that this cool hairstyle will make your hair look extra voluminous. Follow this step-by-step guide to master a half-up-half-down ponytail like a pro:

Step 01: Since this hairstyle is all about volume, wash your hair with a gentle moisturising shampoo such as the Sunsilk Nourishing Soft & Smooth Shampoo and follow it up with a conditioner.

Step 02: For extra volume and texture, evenly spray the Toni&Guy Casual : Sea Salt Texturising Spray all over the length of your hair.

Step 03: Separate your hair into two sections - top and bottom. Pull the top section of your hair up and thoroughly brush it out. Secure it into a ponytail using a hair tie.

Step 04: From sides of your head pull out a few loose strands of hair for extra definition.

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