When it comes to curly hair, most women feel that they do not have many options for haircuts and styling. Moreover, they also think that they must avoid short hairstyles because it might look unflattering on their curl pattern. However, why limit your options? Have you ever considered getting a pixie cut? Pixie haircuts are flattering for curly hair because the curl pattern adds an interesting element to the haircut, thus accentuating it. They are great on short and curly hair as they don’t require a lot of maintenance.

If you’re the type who loves a messy look and wants to spend less time styling your tresses each morning, then curly pixie cuts are for you! If you’re willing to experiment with your curly hair, we have some styles for you that you can check out. Scroll down and screenshot the ones you like!


Curly Pixie Cut Options to Check Out

Curly Pixie Cut Options to Check Out

When it comes to pixie haircuts, the options are way too many! You may think that the pixie is just a short haircut, but so many modifications can be made to make the haircut even more stylish. One slight modification, and it’ll change the whole look! All you curly heads, we’ve got some chic curly pixie cut options for you. Have a look:


1. Messy pixie bob

Messy pixie bob

If your hair is not too curly and slightly on the wavy side, then you’d like to go for this. Though it’s a bob cut, the pixie adds to it and makes it even more interesting. As this haircut is messy, there’s not much you need to do to style it. In case your waves aren’t great on some days, use some hairspray and style it. The messier, the better! Anyone can pull this look off, and if you have global hair colour, then even better!


2. Multi length pixie cut

Multi length pixie cut

Now here’s a creative curly pixie cut to try out if you don’t want to go for a standard cut. This is a modern style cut that has layers in varying lengths, and if you’re willing to experiment, then this is definitely something you must try. The different length layers will add a nice definition to your face shape and enhance it. Moreover, if you have tighter coils, the varying lengths will enhance you're whole look beautifully.


3. Curly pixie bob perm

Curly pixie bob perm

Here’s another not-so-typical curly pixie cut that deserves to be on this list! If you have thick and heavily textured curls, then this style is for you! It’s not super short, neither is it medium length; it’s just the perfect length. It highlights your curls without weighing down your hair, so it’s ideal for those summer months when you feel like getting a chop!


4. Curly layered pixie

Curly layered pixie

If you have always wanted to try layers in your hair, but never felt like you could pull it off, then this haircut is a sign that you must go try it! It works on both thick and thin hair, isn’t that great? If you have thick curly hair, then this haircut will remove volume from the hair and give it a good shape. On the other hand, layers can add some volume to your locks if you have thin hair.


5. Asymmetrical pixie cut

Asymmetrical pixie cut

Short on one side and long on the other, this curly pixie cut is the definition of cool! This haircut is especially suited for those with a diamond-shaped face. If you have slightly wavy and curly hair, this cut would look really chic and can be easily accentuated with a statement hair accessory.


6. Curly pixie with undercut

Curly pixie with undercut

If your style is bold and you love making heads turn with your choices, then this curly pixie cut is just the one for you! Adding a twist to the pixie style, this haircut adds an undercut on either side of your hair near the ear. While it looks cool, try this at your own discretion, because not everyone can pull off this style effortlessly.


7. Long curly pixie cut

Long curly pixie cut

If you dread cutting your locks too short, then go for a long curly pixie cut! While it’s still a pixie cut, you can keep the length of the hair in front long to style your hair differently. So, in a way, this is like a reverse lob, but with curly hair!


8. Curly pixie cut with a fringe

Curly pixie cut with a fringe

Fringes are great, aren’t they? They can easily enhance a look when done well and add a playful touch to it. This haircut would suit different types of hair – tight curls, slightly curly and even wavy hair. Get this cut if you want to give your hair a fun makeover!


9. Pixie with a nape undercut

Pixie with a nape undercut

If an undercut on the side is too daring for you to try, then try out this haircut! Get a short pixie cut and then an undercut at the nape of the neck. It’s not too showy, but adds a bit of edginess nonetheless. However, keep in mind that undercuts need regular visits to the salon for maintenance.


10. Disconnected pixie with undercut

Disconnected pixie with undercut

If the nape undercut also is not your style, then here’s another haircut you can check out! This hairdo is a pixie with long hair in the front and a slight undercut on the side. The undercut isn’t done entirely; it’s done in a way that gives the look of an undercut, but doesn’t totally need a lot of hair removal from that area. You can definitely go for this if you want to opt for a dramatic hairdo; it’s perfect!


What Should One Keep In Mind When Getting A Curly Pixie Cut

What Should One Keep In Mind When Getting A Curly Pixie Cut

Getting a pixie cut is an adventure, and you must be willing to go through the ups and downs of it once you get it. Maintaining pixie hair also requires effort, so that’s why consider all the pros and cons before deciding to go for it. Here are a few things to consider before getting a pixie cut:

1. Your hair texture

When you have curly hair, the texture is primarily coarse and frizzy. That’s why you need to be prepared for bad hair days, as curly hair is difficult to style. If you have soft curls, then styling might not be a problem for you, but nevertheless, be prepared!

2. Your face shape

Before getting a pixie cut, considering your face shape is very important because this hairdo might not suit all face types equally. If your face is round or long, then pulling off a pixie might be tricky. For those with a square face or a heart-shaped face, the pixie cut works very well!

3. Your personality

If you’ve had long locks all your life, will you be able to go short? Any hairstyle can look amazing if you have the confidence to pull it off. Short hairstyles such as pixies are anyway gutsier, so are you willing to take the chance? Think it through, because we don’t want you to get a haircut and regret it the very next day.

4. Your patience levels

While this is a short hairstyle, it requires a lot of upkeep to keep it looking the way it does. It requires regular trimming, and styling can sometimes be a challenge, especially in humid weather. If you’re ready to go the extra mile for its upkeep, only then opt for a pixie cut.