Curtain Bangs: Here’s All The Dope On The New It-Girl Hairstyle

Written by Sumona BoseSep 16, 2023
Curtain bangs: Here’s all the dope on the new IT-girl hairstyle

A haircut is more than just a change in appearance; it is a whole mood. Women usually run out to get a new style whenever they think there is a need for a change of scenery. There are all kinds of haircuts - the breakup cut, the new job cut, the one in a new city or just something cool you saw on Instagram.

A recent hair trend that has been taking over the gram is… curtain bangs. From international celebs to your favourite influencers, everyone seems to be flaunting this chic hair trend. Wanna hop onto the bandwagon too? Here’s all the dope on this IT-girl hairstyle…


What are curtain bangs?

Curtain bangs for curly hair

As the name suggests, curtain bangs are soft tresses that fall on your forehead with a gap in the middle. They are messy and effortless, a look straight from a French fashion girl’s beauty book and are extremely wearable.

Modern curtains bangs were unofficially brought back by Dakota Johnson; who wore this haircut extensively in her smash hit film Fifty Shades of Grey. Latin beauty Camila Cabello has pretty much lived in this haircut for most of her flourishing solo career. Messy waves, curly shags, sleek blowouts, high ponytails… you name it and this style pair well with any hairstyle.


Curtain Bangs for straight hair

Curtain bangs for curly hair

Give your sleek, straight hair some character with curtain bangs that you can pull off in so many styles. Play around with moving the fringe according to your face shape. Make sure you keep them short enough to categorise as bangs but long enough to pin back on active days.


Curtain bangs for wavy hair

Curtain bangs for curly hair

We are loving the cropped curtain bangs on wavy haired girls. They look super cute and are also easy to grow out. They also don’t need many minutes of teasing and pulling to get it looking chic; go natural as much as you can!


Curtain bangs for curly hair

Curtain bangs for curly hair

Finally, a style of bangs that curly-haired girls can rock without having the tendrils go out of control! You can train the bangs in front of your face to frame your cheekbones or tuck it back to reveal your features. Go wild with it!

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